Bethesda, MD, June 15, 2023 - SANS Institute, the global leader in cybersecurity training and education, proudly presents SANSFIRE 2023, taking place from July 10-15. This extraordinary event arms you with the latest strategies to conquer emerging cyber threats, delivered by seasoned practitioners right from the field. Join a diverse community of cybersecurity professionals as we assemble for one of the year's largest and most anticipated gatherings. With 39 enriching courses and three immersive cyber ranges, your quest for knowledge has never been this thrilling.

"SANSFIRE showcases an expansive and diverse selection of courses amongst our live events, enriched by exceptional bonus events," stated Dr. Johannes Ullrich, a faculty fellow at SANS Institute and the Internet Storm Center's (ISC) founder. "These events offer exclusive insights into the ISC, its invaluable data collections, practical usage, and an opportunity to interact personally with the remarkable individuals who make it all happen."

Multiple NetWars tournaments, SANS' premier cyber range appropriate for all cybersecurity skill levels, will be hosted in-person. NetWars presents an array of multifaceted, interactive, and situational cybersecurity challenges. These challenges are designed to simulate real-world scenarios, pushing your problem-solving capabilities to the limit while providing a stimulating learning experience. As an individual participant, you can test your skills against a wide array of challenges and stand out from the crowd. In a team setting, you can combine diverse skill sets and collaborative strategies to overcome obstacles, mirroring the cooperative environments often found in professional cybersecurity roles.

The bonus events feature special timely and relevant topics for discussion presented by the ISC incident handlers who identify, analyze, and report on emerging cyber threats. These topics are:

Keynote: Internet Storm Center: What's New and Current Threat Brief - Dr. Johannes Ullrich

  • Discover the key to decoding your logs with the Internet Storm Center. You'll master identifying valuable data and trends, sharpen your skills, and benefit from the community's collective wisdom.

Red Teaming Tales - SANS Instructor Bojan Zdrnja

  • SANS instructor, Zdrnja, will demystify the top three attack strategies employed by his team during internal red team operations and shed light on prevalent Windows configuration pitfalls while exposing common attack vectors targeting Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery/Deployment (CI/CD) infrastructure using real-world examples.

Malware Analysis for the Poor - SANS Instructor Xavier Mertens

  • Join SANS Instructor Mertens as he delves into a case study derived from his honeypot collection, offering insights into leveraging straightforward tools to swiftly detect malicious cyber activity.

Lessons Learned from Interrupting a Double Extortion Attack - an Incident Responder Perspective - ISC Handler Renato Marino

  • Unravel the journey of a double-extortion attacker within a network, from the point of intrusion to data exfiltration. The emphasis will be on pinpointing the missed detection and defense opportunities and strategizing ways to disrupt the attack chain effectively.

Using APIs and Free Tools for Reconnaissance - ISC Handler Rob Vandenbrink

  • Unearth innovative techniques to reveal overlooked hosts or subnets, likely bringing unexpected findings to your clients. The session showcases the power of minimalism over complex tools, demonstrating how a single curl command coupled with an API key can produce astounding results.

Step up your cybersecurity game at SANSFIRE 2023 and propel your career to new heights. Choose to join us in-person for the opportunity to network and engage in stimulating discussions about shared challenges with industry experts. Alternatively, you can opt for the convenience of our online format, connecting with a global community of cybersecurity professionals.

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