GIAC Certifications Announces New Cloud Security Essentials Certification

Bethesda, Md. – Recent reports like KPMG’s “2021 CEO Outlook Pulse”, identify that mitigating cybersecurity risk has become their number one priority – spurring digital security solutions, many stemming from cloud-based technologies and services. There is no doubt that securing the cloud is now essential across our global infrastructure.

Securing any enterprise or organization begins with people and their ability to synthesize, apply understanding, and display competency when executing specialized work role tasks. As enterprise and governmental organizations move to cloud solutions for their business the need to hire and train cybersecurity professionals with specialized Cloud based skills becomes a key indicator for securing the business against threats.

Teams responsible for transitioning systems to cloud based systems are often faced with the problem of finding the ‘right’ people with the ‘right’ skills to do the work – these essential abilities include:

  • Evaluation of cloud service provider similarities, differences, challenges, and opportunities
  • Planning, deploying, hardening, and securing single and multi-cloud environments
  • Basic cloud resource auditing, security assessment, and incident response

That’s why SANS and GIAC take training and certifying the ‘right’ people seriously – especially as organizations, globally, tell us that it’s important to them.

GIAC's cloud security certifications are designed to help practitioners master the practical steps to defend the cloud against the most dangerous threats – and GIAC’s newest certification, GIAC Cloud Security Essentials (GCLD), is no exception.

Ryan Nicholson, SANS’ Cloud Security Essentials course author and instructor says “The GCLD certification proves that the holder understands many of the security challenges brought forth when migrating systems and applications to cloud service provider environments. Understanding this new threat landscape is only half the battle. The GCLD certification goes one step further - proving that the defender can implement preventive, detective, and reactionary techniques to defend these valuable cloud-based workloads."

As the premier cloud security certification, GCLD is recommended for security engineers and analysts, system administrators, managers and auditors, as well as anyone new to the cloud, to prove that they have applied knowledge of cloud security techniques.

Confirm your dedication to securing the cloud - and secure your place in the cybersecurity workforce - by getting GCLD certified today.

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