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The Top Cyber Security Journalists of 2014

  • Bethesda, MD
  • December 16, 2014

Eleven journalists were voted by their peers as the best cyber journalists of 2014. In this third bi-annual awards program, more than 100 journalists who wrote substantial numbers of cybersecurity stories were polled. They submitted 31 nominations for the best cybersecurity journalists awards. The nominees had the final votes -choosing the journalists who had consistently written the best stories. When asked why they voted for a particular person they wrote comments like these:

"She has remarkable reporting chops. I remember that just months into starting her position at a new publication -- her first job covering cybersecurity, I think -- she was already breaking stories of major breaches."

"He is quick, incisive and very often first to a story. His "gets" are good, and he gets a lot of them."

"In just a year on the job, they have put together some serious features tracking the undercurrents in corporate approaches to cybersecurity."

"He is a true professional. His pieces are always well reported and he is one of the few really veteran security reporters out there who has been there since the beginning and understands the full context and the history of what he's reporting. His in-depth reporting on e-voting and tech policy issues provided readers with thorough and cogent analysis of complicated issues. Even more than this, however, he has great integrity. He won't burn other reporters to get a story, nor will he ever compromise his principles or ethics."

The winners were announced today in Washington, DC at the SANS Cyber Defense Initiative ® (CDI) training event.

The 2014 Top Cyber Security Journalist Award winners (along with their favorite stories of the year) include:
The following journalists were awarded 2014 Honorable Mention for Top Cyber Security Journalism:

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