Free Summit: Friday, June 23 | Live Online | Chair: Ryan Chapman & Phill Moore
Summit CPE Credits: 6

"This summit is extremely informative and brings the best professionals around the globe in a trench, where learning is at its best." - Ehisuoria Isi-Omoigberale, Senior Programmer 

Why are ransomware attacks so prevalent?

It's because they're effective and profitable for adversaries. 

We have all heard the horror stories of bad actors gaining access and deploying ransomware on an organization's network, encrypting their data, and then demanding payment to regain access to their systems. The victim organizations are often unprepared and unable to deal with a ransomware attack, leading to severe financial and operational damage.  

Attend the SANS Ransomware Summit to learn how to avoid a ransomware horror story first-hand. The Summit will bring together cybersecurity professionals and leading experts from around the world for a day of in-depth talks and discussions focused on ransomware prevention, detection, response, and recovery. 

The Ransomware Summit will explore these topics: 

  • Ransomware intrusion emulation
  • Ransomware initial access vectors
  • Defending against and responding to ransomware
  • Tools and techniques for hunting ransomware operators
  • The ransomware operator's toolbox - what tools and malware they use
  • The ransomware affiliate model/Ransomware as a Service ecosystem
  • Ransomware beyond encryption - double extortion, exfiltration of information, Denial of Service threats
  • The financial side of ransomware - cryptocurrency tracking
  • Recovering from ransomware

A One-of-a-Kind Virtual Networking Experience 

In addition to an entire day of ransomware talks and discussions, this Live Online event offers exclusive access to connect with others in the ransomware community, leading experts and investigators, and some of the SANS instructors and authors you have taken courses from. In addition to in-depth presentations and panels, you will also be invited to join the conference chat workspace which is a place to engage with attendees and speakers, to ask your questions, and to share your knowledge.

Attendees tell us time and again that one of the greatest takeaways from a SANS Summit is the many industry connections they forge or deepen during their time with us.

What Attendees Say 

"Always enjoy the talent and resources that SANS Summits provide to the infosec community! Excellent topics and resources to handle ransomware within your organizations." - Fletus Poston, Lead Cyber Systems Engineer, Duke Energy 

"Overall an excellent series of presentations ranging from technical defense to threat intelligence to stories from the front line. Very informative and useful to build those CIRT response muscles! Thank you!" - Baber, Computer Incident Response Team Analyst, Equifax 

The Ransomware Summit 2023 Call for Presentations is now closed. Thank you to those of you who submitted a talk proposal! The advisory board is busy reviewing submissions. The advisory board carefully evaluates proposals to ensure the Summit agenda delivers actionable content that meets the needs of the community.

In the meantime, to get a taste of the type of dynamic presentations and speakers you’ll see at the 2023 SANS Ransomware Summit, check out these talks from last year's Summit.

Important Dates

Refund Date
June 7, 2023