What you need to know about OpenAI's new ChatGPT bot - and how it affects your security. Lightning Talks and Panel Sessions

OpenAI is a leading research institute focused on developing artificial intelligence technology in a safe and responsible manner. In this talk, we will discuss the potential risks that advanced AI poses to cybersecurity, and what steps are being taken to address these challenges. We will also explore the ways in which AI can be used to improve cybersecurity and protect against cyber threats. Overall, this talk will provide a comprehensive overview of the role of AI in the field of cybersecurity and its potential impact on society.

Introductions – Rob Lee

Lightning Talk 1: Is GPT Going to Take Over the World? – Dave Hoelzer

Undoubtedly, you’ve heard about the new GPT ChatBot that is all over the news. It can feel as though AI tools like this are ready to take over the world and represent a real sea-change for cybersecurity, but what’s the truth? Is this all hype, mostly hype, or no hype at all? David Hoelzer will give you a whirlwind tour of how AI solutions like this function and help you to decide for yourself how much hype and how much truth there is.

Lightning Talk 2: Offensive Security Considerations for ChatGPT – Jorge Orchilles

As offensive security professionals, many of us leveraged ChatGPT to see how well it could do on the offensive security side. Can it write our pen test proposals? Phishing pretext? How about help set up attack infrastructure and C2? Can it help us evade detection by leveraging LOLBAS or evade EDR with custom code? Imagine if it could write the report for us! We will check out these uses and more.

Panel Discussion

Moderator: Rob Lee

Panelists: Dave Hoelzer, Jorge Orchilles, and more