Advanced Forensics Workshop: Handling AI and Unsupported Apps in Smartphone Investigations

Series Title: The Secret Life of Devices: A Series of Workshops on Digital Forensics Fundamentals

As the field of smartphone forensics evolves rapidly, the tools available often lag, particularly when it comes to processing data from third-party applications and AI-driven content. This gap underscores the need for forensic professionals to have a strong grasp of the underlying data structures within these apps, enabling them to manually analyze and extract data when automated tools fail. Our workshop is designed to equip participants with practical skills and insights derived from the FOR585: Smartphone Forensic Analysis In-Depth course, with a focus on tackling AI and unsupported applications. Participants will learn advanced methods for navigating and extracting essential information from complex applications, significantly boosting their proficiency in conducting comprehensive investigations even in scenarios where conventional forensic tools are inadequate.