AIS247: AI Security Essentials for Business Leaders

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Unveil the prevalent risks, discover mitigation tactics, and gain insights into AI-related cybersecurity and policy development. Designed for AI adopters to decision-makers, this training ensures a comprehensive grasp of GenAI's transformative impact on both personal and professional realms. Embrace the AI evolution with confidence and competence.

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What You Will Learn

AIS247: AI Security Essentials for Business Leaders is essential training for professionals navigating the rapidly evolving landscape of artificial intelligence in the business world. This training provides a thorough exploration of generative AI (GenAI), starting with a foundational understanding of why GenAI has become a key strategic element in various industries. It delves into the mechanisms of GenAI, including topics such as prompt engineering and the complexities of large language models. Participants will gain valuable insights into the common risks associated with GenAI usage, including strategies and tactics for risk mitigation. An important aspect of AIS247 is its focus on AI-related cybersecurity risk management and the development of AI policies, equipping attendees with the knowledge to manage AI innovations responsibly and securely. The training is designed to cater to a broad spectrum of professionals involved in AI implementation, from decision-makers on AI-related topics to technologists and end users, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of GenAI's role in both personal and professional spheres.

The training emphasizes the practical application of AI in the workplace, highlighting how GenAI can enhance productivity, reduce costs, and improve the quality of work. Example applications and use cases are integral to the training and cover a range of ways GenAI is making an impact, including content creation, data analysis, software engineering, customer support, and cybersecurity. Through these practical examples, participants will understand the strong motivation business find to use AI in their own work environments and how to balance the productivity gains with risk management. AIS247 addresses the challenges of AI implementation, discussing the ethical and secure use of AI technologies, the importance of transparency and accountability, and the need and process for development of AI policies that align with organizational goals. By the end of the training, attendees will understand the technological aspects of AI, why it's such a transformational force in business, and how to apply these tools safely, ethically and effectively in the workplace.

Business Takeaways

  • Develop a clear understanding of why GenAI adoption is imminent and why it is critical to manage the associated risks
  • Gain insight into AI's role in business and how it is being leveraged for improved productivity
  • Enhance your  capability to directly address the primary risks resulting from AI implementation, integration, and everyday usage
  • Discover the content, teams, and processes required to implement effective AI policies in your organization
  • Understand the need for ethical and transparent AI usage in today's workplace due to pressure, human and cyber risks, mitigation, and policy strategies
  • If you're interested in having multiple members of your organization learn more about AI, click here for our AIS247 for Enterprise page.

Skills Learned

  • Learn how Generative AI works and how it is being used to help increase productivity
  • Understand prompt engineering to optimize interactions and outputs from Generative AI systems, ensuring clarity and relevance
  • Address and mitigate risks associated with AI, including addressing bias, overreliance, and data security
  • Appreciate the basics about the intersection of AI and cybersecurity and how to manage associated risks
  • Gain insights into the ethical considerations and best practices for AI usage
  • Acquire the basic skills to assess AI initiatives and drive successful AI strategies

What You Will Receive

  • PDF of training materials
  • Downloadable MP3 audio files of the training

Syllabus (2 CPEs)

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  • Overview

    This ninety-minute training module encompasses a comprehensive overview of AI, its business applications, risks, cybersecurity implications, ethical considerations, and policy development. It targets business leaders and managers to drive understanding on effectively and safely implementing AI in their operations.

    Led by Frank Kim and Dan deBeaubien from the SANS Institute, the training combines extensive expertise in IT, cybersecurity, and AI. AIS247 provides a holistic view of AI in the business context, addressing its benefits, challenges, ethical implications, and the necessary frameworks and policy needed for safe and responsible implementation.

    This course is designed to equip business leaders and managers with the knowledge to leverage AI effectively while mitigating associated risks.


    Importance of AI in Business

    • Generative AI and Productivity: Highlights the impact of generative AI on improving productivity, citing studies showing significant efficiency improvements in various sectors like support, business, and programming.
    • AI Applications: Discusses AI's role in increasing productivity, reducing costs, and enhancing quality with examples in content creation, data analysis, software engineering, customer support, etc.

    Understanding AI

    • Demystifying AI: Explains the evolution of AI models, beginning with "Good Old Fashioned AI" or GOFAI and ending with modern Generative AI models such as OpenAI's Chat GPT and Google Bard.
    • LLMs in Detail: Covers how LLMs operate, emphasizing the importance of massive datasets, statistical processing, and prompt engineering and why this matters to all of us today.

    AI Risks and Ethical Considerations

    • Safe and Ethical AI Use: Stresses the importance of ethical usage, common risks, mitigation strategies, and the need for training, transparency and accountability.
    • Risk Reduction Strategies: Focuses on mitigating risks related to misinterpretation, bias, fairness, security, privacy, and over-reliance on AI, advocating for auditing and cross-verification.

    Cybersecurity Aspects

    • OWASP Top 10 for LLMs: Lists top vulnerabilities in LLM applications, including prompt injection, insecure output handling, training data poisoning, and more, aiming to improve security in LLM applications.
    • MITRE ATLAS™: A global knowledge base outlining AI-specific security risks, informing on adversary tactics in AI systems.
    • NIST AI Risk Management Framework: Provides a comprehensive framework for implementing responsible AI, with collaboration across various sectors.

    AI Policy Development and the Global Landscape

    • Policy Guidelines: Emphasizes the need for clear AI policies, ethical guidelines, defining high-risk AI uses, establishing approval standards, and mandatory training for AI system interactions.
    • Current AI Regulations: standards Examines the current EU AI Act and the United States Executive Order on Artificial Intelligence

    Conclusion and Next Steps

    • Accountability in AI Usage: Stresses understanding, transparency, and secure data practices in AI usage, and encourages discussions with subject-matter experts for responsible AI use.
    • Conclusion: Emphasizes the critical role of AI in modern businesses, the challenges faced, and the importance of strategic management, risk mitigation, and an informed approach to AI integration


This training is designed for any business, technology, and security leader and is non-technical in nature.

Author Statement

"As the landscape of Artificial Intelligence in business continues to evolve at an unprecedented pace, it's crucial that our approach to integrating and managing AI keeps up with these advancements. Having had the opportunity to lead many product, engineering, and policy initiatives, I have developed a deep sense of the information leaders need to know during this truly amazing business transformation. Since authoring AIS247, I have dedicated myself to ensuring that it provides the most relevant, practical, and forward-thinking content. My goal is to empower business leaders and managers with the necessary skills and knowledge to harness AI's potential effectively and securely. AIS247 addresses the rapid and powerful infusion of AI into the workplace, focusing on strategies that maximize productivity gains while minimizing associated risks. It's about striking a balance between leveraging AI's transformative capabilities and navigating its complexities with a risk-aware, informed approach. The AI wave is on its way, we need to prepare."

- Dan DeBeaubien

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