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Webcasts: Upcoming

Upcoming Webcasts
Date (in UTC) Title Sponsor Speaker
Aug 20, 2019Focus On People, Process, and Technology to Take Your SOC to the Next LevelAnomali John Kitchen, John Pescatore
Aug 21, 2019Leveraging OSINT for Better DFIR InvestigationsJeff Lomas, Micah Hoffman
Aug 21, 2019 ICS 612 Practitioner focused Hands on cybersecurityTim Conway
Aug 21, 2019Kerberos & Attacks 101Tim Medin
Aug 22, 2019Purple Teaming: The Pen-Test Grows UpBryce Galbraith
Aug 23, 201910 Visibility Gaps Every CISO Must FillCisco Systems Inc. Russell Eubanks
Aug 26, 2019So you Wanna Start a TI ProgramChristian Nicholson
Aug 27, 2019How to Identify Hidden & Destructive Objects in Your EnvironmentReversing Labs
Aug 27, 2019Meet Your New Best Friend: DNS SecurityCisco Systems Inc. Rachel Ackerly
Aug 27, 2019The Cycle of Cyber Threat IntelligenceKatie Nickels
Aug 28, 2019JumpStart Guide for Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) in AWSAWS Marketplace

J. Michael Butler, David Aiken, Jay Austad
Aug 28, 2019More Super Practical Blue Tips, Tools, and Lessons Learned from Team-Based Training: Coordinating Hand-Offs, Your Buddy RITA, and Microsoft Message Analyzer FOR THE WIN!Ed Skoudis, Joshua Wright
Aug 29, 2019BloxOne Threat Defense: Strengthening and Optimizing Your Security Posture from the Foundation UpInfoBloxSrikrupa Srivatsan, Dave Shackleford
Aug 29, 2019Don't Open These-- The Five Most Dangerous File TypesPalo Alto NetworksDave Shackleford, Erik Yunghans, John Harrison
Sep 3, 2019Getting the Knack of ATT&CKRapid7 Inc.Bob Rudis
Sep 3, 2019The State of Malware Analysis: Advice from the TrenchesJim Clausing, Evan Dygert, Anuj Soni, Jake Williams, Lenny Zeltser
Sep 10, 2019Advanced Zeek Usage: Scripting and FrameworkDavid Szili
Sep 10, 2019Success Patterns for Supply Chain SecurityInteros

John Pescatore
Sep 12, 2019How to Build a Threat Detection Strategy in AWSAWS MarketplaceDavid Szili, David Aiken
Sep 17, 2019Power up your Security Operations Center with the new SEC450 Part 1 - Blue Team FundamentalsCreating an on-ramp for new defenders!John Hubbard
Sep 17, 2019Elevating Enterprise Security with Fidelis Cybersecurity: Network and DeceptionFidelis Cybersecurity Matt Bromiley, Gerald Mancini
Sep 19, 2019Live Webinar: Micro-Segmentation for Network Security Strategy to ExecutionAlgoSecAvishai Wool, Dave Shackleford
Sep 19, 2019Modern Threat Hunting And Response: How TTPs Are Changing The GameExabeamOrion Cassetto, Trevor Daughney
Sep 19, 2019Yes, IT and OT Are Converging. So How Does This Affect Compliance?Forescout Technologies BVBrandon Workentin
Sep 20, 2019Hacking Your Way to Business KnowledgeKevin Garvey
Sep 23, 2019Elevating Enterprise Security with Fidelis Cybersecurity: Endpoint Security CapabilitiesFidelis Cybersecurity Matt Bromiley, Gerald Mancini
Sep 24, 2019Jumpstart Guide to Application Security in the CloudAWS MarketplaceNathan Getty, Aidan Walden, David Aiken
Sep 25, 2019Lights Out: Inside the Mind of a Utility HackerThycoticJoseph Carson
Sep 25, 2019Threat Hunting in the Cloud: Time for a Power-Up?Ben Johnson
Sep 26, 2019Speaking the Language of the BoardUnisys
Sep 27, 2019Vulnerability Management Vendor Briefing: Decreasing the Attack Surface with Effective Vulnerability ManagementMatt Bromiley
Oct 2, 2019How to Effectively Use Segmentation and MicrosegmentationVMWare, IncDave Shackleford
Oct 3, 2019Red, Blue and Purple Teams: Combining Your Security Capabilities for the Best OutcomeCore Security TechnologiesChris Dale, Bobby Kuzma
Oct 10, 2019How to Secure App Pipelines in AWSAWS MarketplaceDave Shackleford, Nam Le
Oct 17, 2019Power up your Security Operations Centers human capital with the new SEC450 Part 2 - Blue Team FundamentalsFinding and training the right people!John Hubbard
Oct 18, 2019SANS Cloud Security Operations Solutions ForumCisco Systems Inc.


Oct 22, 2019Are Your Security Controls Yesterday's News?CymulateMatt Bromiley, Eyal Ahraoni
Oct 29, 2019SANS 2019 Threat Hunting Survey: The Differing Needs of New and Experienced HuntersAnomali





Mathias Fuchs, Joshua Lemon
Oct 30, 2019Threat Hunting for New and Experienced Hunters: Panel Discussion of the SANS 2019 Threat Hunting SurveyDomainTools


Mathias Fuchs, Joshua Lemon
Dec 3, 20192019 SANS Survey on Next-Generation Endpoint Risks and ProtectionsCarbon Black

OpenText Inc.
Justin Henderson, John Hubbard

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