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Webcasts: Upcoming

Upcoming Webcasts
Date (in UTC) Title Sponsor Speaker
Feb 25, 2020Skip this Webinar - It's just everything you need to know about smartphonesHeather Mahalik, Domenica Crognale
Feb 26, 2020Adversary Emulation and the C2 MatrixJorge Orchilles
Feb 26, 2020Architecting for Security Operations: Divide and Conquer!Ismael Valenzuela, Rob Gresham
Feb 27, 2020Purple Team Tactics: Detecting Adversary Discovery TechniquesAlissa Torres
Feb 28, 2020Finding Answers Faster Using OSINT and DFIR SkillsJeff Lomas
Mar 3, 2020How to Leverage Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) in AWS InvestigationsAWS MarketplaceSagar Khasnis, Justin Henderson
Mar 4, 2020Head In the CloudsKevin Ripa
Mar 4, 2020State of Cloud and ThreatsNetskopeJames Christiansen
Mar 5, 2020Mobile Application Static AnalysisJeroen Beckers
Mar 5, 2020Unlocking the model- Zero Trust for the Real WorldMicrosoftNupur Goyal
Mar 10, 2020Analyzing User-mode Dumps with WinDbgAlissa Torres
Mar 11, 2020Knock, Knock: Is This Security Thing Working?VMWare, IncMatt Bromiley, Dhruv Jain
Mar 11, 2020Fast, Scalable Results with EZ Tools and the New Command-line poster.Mark Hallman
Mar 12, 2020Innovative Application Security Testing Techniques for Modern Software Development VeracodeChris Kirsch
Mar 12, 2020TheHive & Cortex Part #1Erik Van Buggenhout
Mar 13, 2020Secure Branch Connectivity With SD-WANPalo Alto NetworksJohn Pescatore
Mar 16, 2020From X-rays to hex-raysMathias Fuchs
Mar 17, 2020Faster, Better, AND Cheaper: Improving security operations using open source toolsJohn Hubbard
Mar 17, 2020Women in Cybersecurity: A SANS SurveyLogRhythm


Heather Mahalik
Mar 18, 2020Family Matters: Practical Malware Family Identification for Incident Responders VMRay Jacob Williams, Tamas Boczan
Mar 18, 2020Empower Your Security Team with Approachable Threat Intelligence Anomali Chris Crowley, Sonny Day
Mar 18, 2020Getting Started with Consulting: Top Ten Questions Answered!Ted Demopoulos
Mar 19, 2020Container Security: Building a Solid Foundation for All Round DefendersJustin Henderson
Mar 19, 2020Anatomy of a Cloud Data BreachNetskope
Mar 24, 2020Got Sysmon? How to Deploy Sysmon and Collect the Logs in an Enterprise EnvironmentScott Lynch
Mar 24, 2020Women in Cybersecurity: A SANS Survey Panel DiscussionThreatConnectHeather Mahalik
Mar 25, 2020STAR Webcast: xHunt - An Anime Fan's Attack Campaign in the Middle EastKatie Nickels, Brittany Barbehenn, Robert Falcone
Mar 27, 2020Cyber Threat Intelligence Solutions Forum: Intel-Use Cases for Destructive ScenariosIxia

Robert M. Lee
Apr 1, 2020Adversary emulation using CALDERA Building custom abilities Part #2Erik Van Buggenhout
Apr 1, 2020Network Visibility and Threat Detection: A SANS SurveyExtraHopIan Reynolds
Apr 7, 2020Driving Cybersecurity Change Establishing a Culture of Protect, Detect and Respond HighlightsCisco Systems Inc. Lance Spitzner
Apr 14, 2020Consulting on The Side: Top Ten Questions Answered!Ted Demopoulos
Apr 15, 2020Purple Team Tactics: A Technical Look at Windows 10 Exploit MitigationsStephen Sims
Apr 16, 20203 ways to advance your vulnerability management program TODAY!Jonathan Risto
Apr 21, 2020Zero Trust: What You Need to Know to Secure Your Data and NetworksGigamonRicardo Font, Dave Shackleford
Apr 23, 2020How to Better Understand HR to Accomplish our Cybersecurity GoalsJim Michaud
Apr 24, 2020SANS Women in Cybersecurity Forum
Apr 28, 2020Adversary emulation using CALDERA Building custom plugins Part #3Erik Van Buggenhout
Apr 28, 2020SANS Top New Attacks and Threat ReportAnomali




John Pescatore
May 19, 2020SANS 2020 Automation and Integration Survey ResultsCloudPassage


Don Murdoch, Barbara Filkins
May 20, 2020SANS 2020 Automation and Integration Survey Panel DiscussionCloudPassage


Don Murdoch, Barbara Filkins
May 27, 2020Is Your Threat Hunting Effective? A New SANS SurveyCyborg Security Dave Amsler, Mathias Fuchs
Jul 10, 2020SANS Oil & Gas Solutions Forum: Objective-based Security Drives Effective Solutions Cyberinc


Jason Dely
Jul 22, 2020Cyber Security 101 for Human Resource Professionals Kelli Taralra

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