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Webcasts: Upcoming

Upcoming Webcasts
Date (in UTC) Title Sponsor Speaker
Apr 23, 2019Delivering Infrastructure, Security and Operations as Code across Multi-cloud EnvironmentsPalo Alto NetworksVinay Venkataraghavan, Matt Bromiley
Apr 24, 2019Why Your Vulnerability Management Strategy Is Not Working and What to Do About It Lookingglass Cyber Solutions, Inc.Jake Williams, Eric Olson
Apr 24, 2019Increasing Visibility with Ixias Vision ONEIxiaSerge Borso, Taran Singh
Apr 24, 2019Take Back Control of Your DNS Traffic Palo Alto NetworksDave Shackleford
Apr 30, 2019Defensible Security Architecture and Engineering Part 2: Thinking Red, Acting Blue Mindset & ActionsIsmael Valenzuela, Justin Henderson
Apr 30, 2019What Are Fileless Attacks and How Can You Stop Them?Unisys
Apr 30, 2019The Future of Phishing: Its all about your customersSegasecDave Shackleford, Elad Schulman
May 1, 2019A CISO's Perspective on Presenting OT Risk to the BoardCyberXIlan Abadi, Daniel Shugrue
May 1, 2019The State of Cloud Security: Results of the SANS 2019 Cloud Security SurveyExtraHop

Dave Shackleford, Jim Reavis
May 1, 2019Sharing Alerts and Threat Intelligence with MISPJustin Henderson, John Hubbard
May 2, 2019From Seizure to Actionable Intelligence in 90 Minutes or LessKevin Ripa
May 2, 2019How Effective is Your WAF Protection? - Metrics & Key ConsiderationsThreatXChris Brazdziunas, Will Woodson
May 2, 2019Rethinking Your Global Security PlatformChronicle Matt Bromiley, Brandon Levene
May 7, 2019Terraforming Azure: not as difficult as planetsDavid Hazar
May 7, 2019The State of Cloud Security: Panel DiscussionExtraHop

Dave Shackleford, Jim Reavis, Eric Thomas
May 8, 2019Gaining a Decisive Advantage Through Terrain Based Cyber Defense Fidelis Cybersecurity Craig Harber, Rami Mizrahi
May 9, 2019How to Secure a Modern Web Application in AWSAWS MarketplaceShaun McCullough, David Aiken
May 14, 2019A Better Way to Answer the Question Are We Secure?Unisys
May 15, 2019Web application defense Use headers to make pentesters job difficultJason Lam
May 15, 2019Power up your Security Operations Center with the new SEC450 Part 1 - Blue Team FundamentalsCreating an on-ramp for new defenders!John Hubbard
May 21, 2019Passive Isn't Good Enough: Moving into Active EDRSentinelOneJustin Henderson, Migo Kedem
May 22, 2019SEC599: Defeating Advanced Adversaries Discover whats NEW in Purple Team.Latest course updates!Erik Van Buggenhout
May 22, 2019Actionable IT/OT end point protection to: detect, contain, and respond to limit ICS cyber threatsVerveRon Brash
May 24, 2019Defensible Security Architecture and Engineering Part 3: Protect your Lunch Money Keeping the Thieves at BayIsmael Valenzuela, Justin Henderson
May 28, 2019Cloud Security Automation: Monitoring and OperationsFrank Kim
May 29, 2019Fileless Malware FunHal Pomeranz
Jun 4, 2019The Future of Authentication: How Two Factor Authentication is Dying and Whats NextJohannes Ullrich, PhD
Jun 5, 2019How SOC Superheroes WinUnisys
Jun 5, 2019Power up your Security Operations Centers human capital with the new SEC450 Part 2 - Blue Team FundamentalsFinding and training the right people!John Hubbard
Jun 6, 2019SANS Purple Team Cybersecurity Vendor Briefing: To Defeat an Attacker, Think Like an AttackerMatt Bromiley, Ismael Valenzuela
Jun 12, 2019Cybersecurity Frameworks for CISOsFrank Kim
Jun 12, 2019SANS 2019 State of OT/ICS Cybersecurity SurveyNozomi Networks


Yokogawa Corporation of America
Jason Dely, Barbara Filkins, Doug Wylie
Jun 13, 2019How to Build a Data Protection Strategy in AWSAWS MarketplaceDave Shackleford, David Aiken
Jun 13, 2019Authentication: Its All About the User ExperienceYubicoMatt Bromiley, Hormazd Romer
Jun 19, 2019Converging OT and IT Networks: Where and How to Evolve ICS for SecurityNozomi Networks


Yokogawa Corporation of America
Barbara Filkins, Doug Wylie, Ilan Barda, Camilo Gomez, Kim Legelis
Jun 25, 2019Building and Maturing Your Threat Hunt ProgramCisco SystemsDavid Szili
Jun 25, 2019Cloud Data ProtectionMark Geeslin
Jun 28, 2019Why Traditional EDR Is Not Working--and What to Do About ItMcafee LLCJake Williams, Ismael Valenzuela
Jul 3, 2019Leading Change for CISOsLance Spitzner
Jul 10, 2019Common and Best Practices for Security Operations Centers: Results of the 2019 SOC SurveyAnomali

CYBERBIT Commercial Solutions




Christopher Crowley, John Pescatore
Jul 11, 2019Common and Best Practices for Security Operations Centers: Panel DiscussionExtraHop


Christopher Crowley, John Pescatore, Jody Caldwell
Jul 17, 2019You can rest easy when protecting REST APIsJason Lam
Jul 18, 2019SANS Oil & Gas Cybersecurity Vendor Briefing: Objective-based Security Drives Effective SolutionsJason Dely
Aug 1, 2019Integrated Incident Response: A SANS SurveyDF LABS SPA

Matt Bromiley
Aug 23, 201910 Visibility Gaps Every CISO Must FillRussell Eubanks
Sep 27, 2019Vulnerability Management Vendor Briefing: Decreasing the Attack Surface with Effective Vulnerability ManagementMatt Bromiley

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