Calling all awareness professionals seeking to build and mature their security awareness program! You will soon have the opportunity to enroll in a career changing credential. Later this summer, you can register for the first ever, industry-recognized security awareness credential, the SANS Security Awareness Professional (SSAP)

As cyber threats continue to rise, stakeholders within organizations realize the importance of securing their workforce. As a result, they are turning authority over to professionals who can preserve their cyber stability. The SSAP credential outlines those skills necessary to manage and measure that risk while also identifying awareness professionals as leading experts in this evolving industry.

The SSAP credential is intended for awareness specialists seeking to sharpen their expertise and leverage their skills to make a lasting impact at their organization.  These individuals could include:

  • CISOs
  • Security Awareness Officers
  • Training Officers
  • Governance and Compliance
  • InfoSec Professionals
  • Incident Communications
  • Security Managers
  • Training Subject Matter Experts
  • Corporate Communications

Earned via the MGT433: How to Build, Maintain, and Measure a Mature Awareness Program course, taught by SANS certified instructor and course author, Lance Spitzner, the SSAP is awarded in the form of a digital badge which can be prominently displayed on networking pages and resumes to highlight this professional achievement.

MGT 433 Lance

“The SSAP is ideal for those looking to get into or develop, expand, and perfect their expertise in the growing field of security awareness and managing human risk,” says Spitzner.

The MGT433 course, which spans across two days, covers practical, useful information for awareness professionals that they can implement into their awareness campaigns immediately after completing the course. More than compliance training, this course teaches the key concepts and skills needed to effectively secure the human element by fostering behavior change and a mature awareness program. Participants of the course will leave with valuable and actionable skills.

The SSAP Credential, available later this summer, is the most effective, comprehensive way to accelerate an awareness professional’s career and bolster advancement opportunities in the field of managing human risk. 

Upon completion of the MGT433 course, participants looking to earn their SSAP credential can take a proctored exam, which consists of 50 questions. A passing score will be accompanied by a specialized digital badge, which will detail when the SSAP was obtained and what particular skills acquired. 

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