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Industrial Control Systems / SCADA

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  • Collection and Analysis of Serial-Based Traffic in Critical Infrastructure Control Systems Graduate Student Research
    by Jonathan Baeckel - February 11, 2021 

    There is a blind spot the size of a 27-ton, 2.25-megawatt maritime diesel generator in the world's critical infrastructure control system (CICS) landscape. Compared to typical IT systems, CICSs are composed of a much larger ratio of non-routable traffic, such as serial-based Fieldbus communications, than their IT-based brethren, which almost exclusively rely on TCP/IP-based traffic. This traffic tells field devices to take actions and reports back process status to operators, engineers, and automated portions of the process. As vital as it is to the process, this specialized traffic is routinely ignored by Operational Technology (OT) architects and analysts charged with defending this type of system. They tend to favor a TCP/IP only approach to traffic collection and analysis that is more geared toward an IT-only environment. This paper analyzes Stuxnet to determine the effect that serial communication monitoring and analysis may have on the situational awareness of such an event. It will pose several questions. Could the attack have been detected without the availability of known Indicators of Compromise (IoC)? Would the attack have been detected sooner? Would there have been no effect at all? This information may help organizations pursue a risk-based approach to architecting a CICS traffic collection and analysis system.

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