Cyber Security Courses

From cyber foundations to leadership strategies, SANS offers more than 85 hands-on courses to help cyber professionals at every level of experience gain immediately applicable skills.

Course by Job Role

SANS training is job and skill-specific. We offer more than 85 courses, designed to align with dominant security team roles, duties, and disciplines. The SANS Curriculum spans Digital Forensics, Audit, Management, Offensive Operations, ICS, Secure Software Development and more. Each curriculum offers a progression of courses that can take practitioners from a subject’s foundations right up to specialist skills and knowledge.

New to Cyber Security?

With the right foundation, cyber security careers can take off quickly and lead to world-changing outcomes. Explore SANS' foundational courses and the SANS Technology Institute to gain the skills and hands-on experience that will give you a running start.

What Our Students Say About SANS Training

The labs were very hands-on, and being able to manually go through these exercises gives me confidence that I can do these things in the future.
Crystal Cleaveland
- American Registry for Internet Numbers
Nobody else in the industry is as comprehensive as SANS or as up-to-date and knowledgeable. If you want to learn how to do your job right, I don’t think there's any better training out there right now.
Ronald Craft
- S-RM
The instruction at SANS is top-notch. I have been to several SANS training courses and they never disappoint. The instructors bring real life experiences and show the students how the material can be applied.
Thomas Seck
- Johns Hopkins APL
SANS offers the ultimate in quality instruction and thoughtful curriculum development. I learned so much this week and can't wait to review and apply what I learned.
Gabrielle S.
- US Federal Agency