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SANS Security Insights

Value of a Cyber Risk Framework: 2019 Cyber Security Trends

By Deb Radcliff,Creative Director, SANS Analyst Program

The fact that Chubb, a casualty insurance company, published atop cyber threats reportfor 2019 is, in itself, a cybersecurity trend to watch for 2019. It reveals that insurers understand the risk and threat landscape better than they did in 2016, when SANS published itsfirst cyber insurance surveyreport. Today, the efforts of these insurers are resulting in cyber risk frameworks that touch on many other areas trending around cybersecurity in 2019.

Phishing and Internal Threat Advice for SMBs

Author: Matt Bromiley

SANS, in cooperation with Microsoft, released two short articles designed to provide small- and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) with background information on phishing and internal threats, as well as actionable advice on how to train users to recognize threats and avoid falling prey to attacks. Continue reading Phishing and Internal Threat Advice for SMBs

SANS Releases Evaluator's Guide to Next-Generation SIEM

Need to update your SIEM to provide next-generation functionality?

SANS recently released an evaluator's guide created by information security and system procurement expertBarbara Filkinswith advice byChris Crowley, course author for SANS courses on managing security operations and incident response team management, to assist you as you move toward procuring a new system.

Secure DevOps: Fact or Fiction? 2018 SANS Survey Finds Enterprises Are Not Fixing Security Vulnerabilities

Legacy Apps Remain Focus Even as Cloud Apps Grow; Patching Remains Issue

Co-Authors: Jim Bird;Barbara Filkins

A new (Nov. 2018) SANS survey, Secure DevOps: Fact or Fiction?, finds that fewer than half (46%) of respondents are confronting security risks up front in requirements and service design''"and only half of respondents are fixing major vulnerabilities. SANS released the survey data and a related paper Nov. 8 -

The Shifting World of Cloud Security

Why is cloud security so challenging?

Author: Dave Shackleford

A newSANS paperand videos by cloud security expert and SANS instructor Dave Shackleford, with Tenable cloud security expert Greg Mayfield looks at this topic - and what security practitioners can do to improve security in on-premise, off-premise and hybrid environments.