Cyber Solutions Fest 2023: Industrial Control Systems

  • Thursday, 26 Oct 2023 8:30AM EDT (26 Oct 2023 12:30 UTC)
  • Speaker: Dean Parsons

A common misconception is IT security practices can be directly applied to ICS environments. However, a “copy and paste” of traditional IT security into industrial control systems could have problematic or even devastating consequences.

The consequences of modern ICS cyber-attacks can include but are not limited to widespread power grid blackouts, failure or physical destruction of critical engineering equipment, massive business financial losses, paralysis of smart city emergency infrastructure in large municipalities, human injury or death, and possibly devastating environmental impacts. ICS intrusions will continue to occur and likely increase in their severity and range of consequences across multiple critical infrastructure sectors. However, managing control system cyber risk and effectively applying tactical ICS defenses and security is achievable!

In the Industrial Control System Security track at Cyber Solutions Fest 2023, leading ICS solution providers and practitioners will highlight the newest defense techniques and technologies. Use-cases will illustrate how facilities in all ICS sectors are leveraging effective approaches to further protect critical infrastructure and effectively manage ICS cyber risk while prioritizing the safety and reliability of engineering operations. Talks and panels will cover timely and critical topics such as:

      •      ICS Network Visibility and Monitoring

      •      ICS Industrial Incident Response

      •      ICS Risk Management

      •      ICS Network segmentation

      •      ICS Secure Remote Access

      •      ICS Risk-Based Vulnerability Management