Achieve Cloud Security at Scale

Organizations are migrating and building mission-critical workloads in the cloud to accelerate the pace of innovation, improve resilience and scalability and reduce data center costs. DevOps and SRE teams are leading the way in this new environment, using their Infrastructure-as-Code and CI/CD knowledge to leverage the benefits of cloud. To keep up with this dynamic cloud environment where resources can be deployed across the globe in minutes, Cybersecurity teams must use the same automation tools and processes to maintain comprehensive visibility and protection. Adding to the challenge, a new wave of sophisticated, cloud-savvy adversaries are targeting cloud vulnerabilities and misconfigurations to meet their objectives.

In this session we’ll draw from the CrowdStrike 2023 Cloud Risk Report to gain a clear understanding of key cloud security challenges facing organizations and recommendations for staying secure at scale, while gaining the benefits of cloud agility. We’ll cover:

• Cloud-specific threats and security challenges observed in 2022

• DevOps/DevSecOps practices to build, secure, and operate cloud workloads at scale using Infrastructure-as-Code (IaC)

• Using Cloud Security Posture Management to achieve regulatory compliance while teaching and implementing security configuration best practices across all cloud services

• Adversary-focused strategies for detecting and responding to a new breed of sophisticated, human-driven attacks.

CrowdStrike’s Falcon Platform addresses these challenges by providing continuous discovery of newly deployed resources, ingesting/correlating/analyzing sensor and API scanning telemetry, protecting resources in hybrid environments, and stopping attacks automatically. CrowdStrike simplifies cloud adoption by registering new cloud accounts as they’re provisioned, and automating sensor deployment on virtual instances and container environments. CrowdStrike helps organizations migrate to the cloud by protecting workloads every step of the way from the office and datacenter to the cloud.


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