Fall Cyber Solutions Fest 2024: Detection & Response Track

Cyberattacks are becoming increasingly sophisticated and prevalent, making it more important than ever for organizations to have effective detection and response capabilities in place. Detection and response are two sides of the same coin. First, organizations need to approach detection with a strategic mindset, ensuring that they are implementing detective controls designed for their unique threat surface. And with threats evolving, detections must also evolve to keep up with threat actors, making detection a continuous process. 

When an organization takes a proactive stance towards detection, the need for effective response naturally follows. The visibility over threats in the environment requires organizations to have an understanding of how to respond to those threats. Unlike the proactive nature of detection, response is very reactive. For an organization to be successful in their response capabilities, it is important that responders be equipped to face incidents when the time comes through a combination of well-defined procedures and supporting toolsets. 

Join Megan Roddie, SANS Author and Instructor, for a series of talks from industry experts that discuss:

  • Building detection engineering into security operations
  • Reducing detection and response times
  • How EDR and XDR solutions can help organizations with detection and response
  • Automating incident response 
  • Leveraging lessons from response to inform detection

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