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Voucher Program

The SANS Voucher Program allows an organization to manage their training budget from a single SANS Voucher Account. Once the Account is opened, the organization can utilize funds from their Account for SANS training and certifications for their employees via their online SANS Admin Tool. Through the Admin Tool, the organization's Program Administrator can also approve training and view usage reports.

By creating a SANS Voucher Account your organization can:

  • Simplify the procurement process with a single invoice and payment
  • Lock-in your hard fought training budget and utilize within a 12 month term
  • Control how, where, and for whom funds are spent
  • Allow employees to register for training while managing approvals centrally
  • Easily change course attendees if previous plans change

Training Investment & Bonus Funds

To enroll and open an Account, an organization pays an agreed upon training investment. The training investment is determined upon consultation with SANS; discussing the anticipated training costs for a specific period of time. Based upon the amount of the investment, the organization may be eligible to receive, from SANS, bonus funds in their Account.

The investment and bonus funds:

  • Can be applied to any live or online SANS training course, SANS Summit, GIAC certification or certification renewal *
  • Can be increased at any time by making additional investments
  • Must be utilized within 12 months; however, if funds remain nearing the conclusion of the 12 month term, by contributing an additional investment before the end of the 12 month term the organization can rollover the initial funds with the new funds for an additional 12 months

Flexibility & Control

After funding the Account, the organization's Program Administrator will be given access to the online SANS Admin Tool. This tool allows the Administrator to easily manage the Account at anytime from anywhere.

With the SANS Admin Tool, the Administrator can:

  • Approve student enrollment
  • View fund usage in real-time
  • Control how and where funds are spent
  • View students' certification status and exam results
  • Obtain OnDemand course progress by student per course to determine whether they are on schedule to complete the course prior to course expiration

Getting Started

Complete and submit the form to the right and a SANS representative in your region will contact you within 24 business hours. The SANS representative will work with you to determine which training courses, formats, and investment level best fit your organization's specific needs.

Get started today and within as little as one week, we can create your Account and your employees can begin their training.

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* Current exceptions are the Partnership Program, Security Awareness Training, and SANS workshops hosted at events and conferences run by other companies.