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What to Communicate About the Equifax Hack
Editor's NOTE: Updated 14 September to include links AND phone number to all 4 agencies for a credit freeze. People are reporting better luck with the phone. As most of you have read by now,...
Sep 8, 2017
Security Awareness Planning
Security Awareness Communications
Community Resources
Time for Password Expiration to Die
Per Thorsheim , Microsoft's Dr. Cormac Herley , the UK's NCSC , the Chief Technologist at FTC , I and many others are working hard to kill password expiration. Password expiration is when an...
Mar 23, 2017
Security Awareness Planning
Community Resources
Top Ten Security Awareness Topics - Roundup
A common challenge most organizations face when building an effective security awareness program is determining which topics to communicate. Too often organizations try to teach too much, wi...
Jan 12, 2011
Security Awareness Program Planning

2017 SANS Security Awareness Report: It’s Time to Communicate

Download and read the most comprehensive and actionable report on the state of security awareness. Based on data gleaned from over 1,000 security awareness professionals, it provides insights to build and mature your program.