2018 SANS Security Awareness Report: Building Successful Security Awareness Programs

The definitive report on security awareness.  The 4th annual data-driven report created from security awareness professionals like you.

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The SANS Security Awareness Report was developed to enable security awareness professionals to make data-driven decisions on how to improve their security awareness program and to allow them to benchmark their programs against others. In short, to more definitively answer the question “What makes great security awareness programs successful?”

In this report, we analyze the data submitted by security awareness professionals from across the globe to identify and benchmark how organizations are managing their human cyber security risk. We dig in and discuss:

  • The Security Awareness Model and benchmarking your program
  • Key program supporters and blockers and action items you can take
  • Important program initiatives
  • Demographics of Awareness Professionals and what they do to achieve success

Download the report now to gain actionable insights to growing and maturing your security awareness program.