2017 Security Awareness Report

The most comprehensive and actionable report on the state of security awareness based on input from over 1000 professionals.

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Now in its third year, the 2017 SANS Security Awareness report enables security awareness professionals to make data driven decision to improve their programs.

The report highlights what successful programs do right to change behavior and what lagging programs can do to improve and move beyond compliance.

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  • The two most important elements needed to improve your program
  • How many Full Time Employees (FTEs) you need to actually change behavior and build a mature program • How to overcome the time trap to drastically improve outcomes
  • Why some organizations never move beyond compliance
  • Which department is the biggest barrier to advancing an awareness agenda

The report includes detailed recommendations and action plans to address the key findings uncovered in the analysis and is based on over 1000 participant surveys from the awareness community. The data was analyzed by a global team of information security and data experts.