Change User Behavior. Mature Your Program. Protect Your Organization.

The EndUser Training 2019 Content Series is the latest in cyber security training for employees.

Equipped with a variety of brand-new Training Content Styles and fresh updates to our existing computer-based training styles, we evoke engagement of every employee, regardless of their comprehension level through dynamic, effective training content, teaching best-in-class security behaviors.

Does Your Security Awareness Program Need a Lift?

We can customize a winning training program to fit your unique corporate culture. No matter the level of your program or your learners, we'll identify where your awareness program is at and create a specific roadmap for your program's success.

Our SANS program experts apply an advanced methodology to determine the right concepts that should be taught to which groups, how to build on comprehension, and to identify the application of those skills when faced with a vulnerable situation. 

We’ll help to grow your program and achieve your desired program maturity outcome.


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What's the Maturity Model?

SANS, in correlation with hundreds of other security awareness professionals, developed the Maturity Model as a way to better define and describe the overall maturity of awareness programs, which helps to benchmark your program against others.

Our expertise will help to foster a secure culture at your organization and will outline a path to achieve your distinctive goals, as it pertains to your workplace and organizational culture. We’ll help determine your own program benchmarks and guide you up the maturity curve.


Director of Content, Jon Portzline draws on his learning design expertise and offers insight to discuss his mission with SANS. Go behind the curtain to understand the learning methods used in the latest EndUser Training content release.

Target Your Learners - Exceed Your Program Goals

The expertly created, comprehensive suite of cyber security awareness training for employees will help you build a powerful program that embodies your organization’s needs and learning levels.

We’ve taken the guesswork out of building a program to suit your organization’s specific culture. Training can be crafted into a custom mix of training to cover the relevant awareness topics and can be hosted on nearly any platform.  

Our culturally sensitive content allows you to utilize the right style, tone, and language of training that is appropriate for your workplace. The content can be customized with your organization’s logos and the materials have been translated across over 30 languages, delivered in video, voiceover, transcripts, and subtitle formats.

Each Training Style supports a specific audience or training goal. Click through to learn the various Training Styles offered in the 2019 EndUser Training Series. 


Traditional Animation

Traditional Animation

​​​​​​This straightforward training in a motion-graphic style works to ensure the learner understand the material and can build upon comprehension.

Engagement Questions: These add-ons are unscored, mid-course questions that can be enabled to ensure students remain engaged throughout each module in addition to the post-test.

Organizations who have more formal corporate cultures may appreciate this Training Style.

Host Led

Host-Led Animation

A live action host and motion graphics are visually combined to capture the learner’s attention in this highly engaging multi-sensory series.

By blending an on-screen host and motion graphics, this series provides a conversational and friendly training program that is tailored to visual and auditory learning styles. 

This Style is suitable for learners in a multigenerational and multilingual setting to understand and build on their comprehension.

Live Action

Live Action

Watching real people make security related decisions – and mistakes – in a real office setting adds a human element to hook the audience emotionally and build empathy.

In this Training Style, live actors overcome real-world cybersecurity challenges in these fun-to-watch Hollywood-style mini movies. 

Presented in a casual and modern setting, this Style can meet the needs of a multigenerational audience. 

Expert Led

Expert Introduction

Cyber security subject matter expert, Lance Spitzner introduces each topic to provide a human element to animated stories that help learners put their security awareness skills into action. 

Engagement Questions: These add-ons are unscored, mid-course questions that can be enabled to ensure students remain engaged throughout each module in addition to the post-test.

By leveraging our subject matter expertise, learners can engage with content delivered that helps them further understand their relevant cyber security threats.


Situational Interactive

Build upon the core concepts that are introduced in Level 1 training content with more interactive exercises. 

Situational interactive modules include full animated training modules plus situational quiz situations presented at the end of each module. Learners are presented with a variety of a realistic scenarios, requiring them to select the correct action.

This Style is suitable for a casual, tech savvy learner, allowing them to build on comprehension and apply their skills.

Applied Interactive

Applied Interactive

These modules engross players in hands-on challenges, requiring them to defeat security threats and display a deeper understanding of security behaviors in order to succeed.

These application-based activities help make the message more sticky and help learners better remember the key points. 

After an informed learner builds on their comprehension, they can apply their knowledge pulled from this interactive, and engaging Style.


—Gamified Interactive

Challenging games engross players as they use their understanding of security behaviors and strategically apply them, in order to win.

These interactive, hands-on games focus on in-depth knowledge and application of proper security behaviors across multiple topics while providing additional engagement using point, progression and leveling.

Learners will better understand social engineering and apply those secure behaviors to use in the event of a cyber attack.

YOU are the first defense in protecting your organization. Utilize the best EndUser Training available to train your learners the correct security behaviors. Sign up and see a demo now.

Supplemental Materials to Keep Learners Engaged

If your organization wants to launch your employee cyber security training program beyond computer-based training and land higher among the maturity curve, consider the full library of Engagement Toolkits.

This comprehensive suite of supplemental materials helps to continually engage learners throughout your organization, in addition to the regularly scheduled video or gamified training you have administered. New Engagement Toolkit materials are released on a monthly basis and cover important concepts like malware or phishing.


Client Success and Program Customization Experts

Your program won’t get far unless you have a blueprint for your awareness program. The team of SANS Client Success Specialists are essential for your organization to help you benchmark your program, choose the optimal mix of EndUser Training Tracks, Styles, and develop a specific sequence of training.

No matter the size of your organization, their expertise will help you establish present and future goals while providing you with a roadmap to success enabling you to mature your program and manage risk.


Reach Learners Around the Globe

Our complete library of expert-driven security awareness training content has been translated into over 33 languages and works to meet the needs of every learner at your organization. Through our culturally relevant, globally-sensitive training, select from core languages or additional translations to get the absolute best out of your learners.


Learning Module Tracks

Security Essentials

  • You Are the Shield
  • Social Engineering
  • Malware
  • Email and Phishing
  • Passwords
  • Targeted Attacks
  • Social Networks
  • Mobile Devices
  • Browsing Safely
  • Data Security
  • Hacked
  • Conclusion

Security Extras

  • Encryption
  • Working Remotely
  • Insider Threat
  • Help Desk
  • Privileged User
  • Physical Security
  • Cloud Services
  • International Travel
  • Creating a Cyber Secure Home
  • Protecting Your Kids Online
  • Senior Leadership
  • New Employee


  • Ethics
  • GDPR
  • PII
  • Privacy
  • Client Confidentiality in Law Offices
  • Criminal Justice
  • Federal PII
  • Federal Tax Information
  • FCPA
  • GLBA
  • ITAR
  • Red Flags Rule
  • Sarbanes-Oxley

Put Your Learner’s Knowledge to the Test

For learners who’ve just started training or if you have learners displaying a solid understanding of awareness behaviors, SANS EndUser Training provides assessments and testing to encourage understanding and comprehension:

Engagement Quiz: Enable these linear module add-ons are unscored, mid-course questions to ensure students remain engaged throughout each Linear module in addition to the post-test.

PreCheck Testing: Recommended for return learners to test out of the modules in which they are proficient. When learners correctly answer all the questions for an objective, the associated module will be considered complete.


How Can You Protect Your Organization?


Million learners trained.


Years of training in cyber security.

70 +

Experts offering input on every facet of current cyber threats.

40 +

Certifications in cyber security & instructional design.

The SANS EndUser Security Awareness Training is second to none in the industry.  It is kept updated with the latest developments and changes in the Information Security landscape and also manages to engage the learner.  As a Security Training tool, it hits the bulls-eye!

Mack Bhatia, CISO , Enterprise Integration

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