Have a Jolly Holiday. Give Hackers a Lousy One.

What do you call a singing elf?
A Wrapper!
What do you call a person who steals your holiday joy?
A Hacker!

The season of holiday giving is upon us. And with consumers planning to spend an average of over $1,000 on their holiday shopping, people are even more vulnerable to getting hacked over the holidays. 

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Before you get your tinsel in a tangle, learn how to protect yourself during this festive time of year. 
Watch the Jolliest Security Awareness Jingle of the Season below!

Jolliest Security Awareness Jingle of the Season

It’s been a long, hard year, filled with breaches and phishing. But during this season of giving, you’ve got the power to keep your season jolly and free of slacker hackers.

Watch this video to learn how to send them straight to Santa’s naughty list.

The biggest gift you can give this season is protected data. Follow the link to share this video with loved ones and colleagues.

Phony Websites

Online deals that sounds too good to be true? It probably is.

Tips directly from Santa’s elves: Only shop from the websites you know and trust.


YOULE be in good cheer knowing you’ve taken every precaution to keep your personal data safe from holiday hackers. Read advice on shopping securely online.

Checked your Credit Card List? (Be Sure to Check it Twice)

Santa’s made his list. He’s checked it twice. Have you checked your list of credit card charges lately? Your card and banking information isn’t safe from hackers.

If you suspect a fraud has been committed on your account, contact your credit card company immediately.


Update your Systems

Cyber criminals can try to infect your devices in an attempt to harvest your bank accounts, credit card information, and passwords.

In the time it takes for Santa to package up some coal for these hackers, you can update your systems to keep them away from your precious, personal information.


Happy Holidays. Keep all end users safe throughout the year with SANS EndUser Training. Take the first step toward protecting your organization and schedule a demo.