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Penetration Testing

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  • Pass-the-Hash in Windows 10 STI Graduate Student Research
    by Lukasz Cyra - September 27, 2019 

    Attackers have used the Pass-the-Hash (PtH) attack for over two decades. Its effectiveness has led to several changes to the design of Windows. Those changes influenced the feasibility of the attack and the effectiveness of the tools used to execute it. At the same time, novel PtH attack strategies appeared. All this has led to confusion about what is still feasible and what configurations of Windows are vulnerable. This paper examines various methods of hash extraction and execution of the PtH attack. It identifies the prerequisites for the attack and suggests hardening options. Testing in Windows 10 v1903 supports the findings. Ultimately, this paper shows the level of risk posed by PtH to environments using the latest version of Windows 10.

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