Micah Hoffman

Micah Hoffman has been active in the information technology field since 1998, working with federal government, commercial, and internal customers to discover and quantify cybersecurity weaknesses within their organizations. As a highly active member of the cybersecurity and OSINT communities, Micah uses his real-world Open-Source Intelligence (OSINT), penetration testing, and incident response experience to provide customized solutions to his customers and comprehensive instruction to his students.

More About Micah


Micah found himself drawn to the world of computers from the time he got his first Apple IIe, and that comfort with technology eventually led him to an entry-level help desk job. Later positions in server maintenance and networking helped him move into cybersecurity consulting, working with companies like General Dynamics and Booz Allen Hamilton. In 2018, Micah founded his own consulting company, Spotlight Infosec, that focuses on OSINT and cyber security.

Over the years, Micah has conducted cyber-related tasks like penetration testing, OSINT investigations, APT hunting, and risk assessments for government, internal, and commercial customers. He took his first SANS course in the early 2000s. To date, he has earned several GIAC certifications, as well as a CISSP, and has shared his knowledge with others by speaking at multiple conferences and posting on his https://webbreacher.com blog.

Micah's SANS coursework, cybersecurity expertise, and inherent love of teaching eventually pulled him toward an instructional role. He became a SANS Certified Instructor in 2013, and was promoted to Senior Instructor status in 2021. He's the author and lead instructor of the SANS course SEC487: Open Source Intelligence Gathering and Analysis.

Watch Micah's webcast on "OSINT for Pentesters: Finding Targets and Enumerating Systems"



  • Author of WhatsMyName - an OSINT/recon tool for user name enumeration. JSON file that is used in Spiderfoot and Recon-ng modules.
  • Co-Author of untappdScraper - OSINT tool for scraping data from the untappd.com social media site.