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Partnership: CIS

The partnership between SANS and the Center for Internet Security draws on the shared mission to ensure that InfoSec practitioners in critical organizations have the skills needed to protect national security and enhance the cyber security readiness and response of state, provincial, local, tribal and territorial government entities. This program offers both security awareness and online technical training courses to qualifying organizations at a substantial cost savings.

Through the SANS partnership, and the aggregate buy program, you can get the training you need, at an affordable cost, and improve your organization's security posture. Special discounts are available during our our next aggregate purchase window, June 1, 2020 - July 31, 2020.

In response to COVID-19, organizations worldwide are implementing work-from-home policies. To address the increased need for online training, SANS is adding a special purchase window for those organizations who need to procure training now, to support their teams, in these unique circumstances.

During this special window April 1, 2020 - April 17, 2020, eligible organizations can purchase the products below, at the same discounted prices that will be offered during our summer program.

SANS Online Training and Certification

Online Training from SANS Institute is a flexible and effective option for information security professionals of all experience levels to complete SANS' top training from anywhere in the world. Two of SANS' available Online Training formats are OnDemand and vLive - each offering slightly different features so that students can choose the workflow, interaction and speed of training that they prefer.

SANS OnDemand courses provide the flexibility to train online wherever and whenever it's most convenient for you. With four months of access to the online course materials, including lectures, quizzes, and labs, you can master the course content on your schedule, at your own pace.

SANS vLive offers live SANS courses through an online, virtual training room. Courses are six weeks long, with content presented in the evenings twice a week--perfect for students who want extra study time between sessions. Students will have direct interactions with instructors along with Subject-Matter Expert support throughout training, and 6 months of online access to course content.

Previews are available for more than 45 of SANS Online courses at Each course preview contains approximately an hour excerpt from the OnDemand version of the specific course.

Qualified Organizations* can save more than 50% when they purchase training credits through the SANS / CIS partnership Aggregate Buy (cooperative purchase) program. Purchase training credits for SANS OnDemand and vLive training, through the partnership program and redeem them for training, when needed, throughout the year. The next purchase window will be open from April 1, 2020 - April 17, 2020


SANS Security Awareness

Security Awareness training is a critical component of a comprehensive security program. Compliance and behavior change becomes difficult for non-technical individuals without the proper content. SANS Security Awareness offers a comprehensive solution for end users and individuals of all levels with expert-authored content. Created by a trusted global network of cyber security professionals, this Partnership Program includes several key Security Awareness products:

EndUser - Comprehensive security awareness training for all computer users based on the Critical Security Controls

Healthcare - Train staff to secure healthcare and patient information following HITECH and HIPAA standards

Developer - Software security training for developers pertaining to the OWASP Top 10 Web vulnerabilities and the SDLC

Phishing Training - Test employees through simulated phishing attacks and educate users how to avoid being compromised

CIP - Training designed for any utility organization that falls under NERC and addresses all requirements of NERC CIP-004-6 R2 (CIP v6)

Engineer - Rigorous computer-based training for those interacting or operating with Industrial Control Systems

All SANS Security Awareness training is SCORM and 508 compliant and can be supplemented with the purchase of additional Support Materials to reinforce information learned. Qualified organizations* may save up to 70% on SANS Security Awareness programs when they purchase through SANS / CIS partnership Aggregate Buy program.


NetWars: Continuous

SANS NetWars Continuous Online Range uses the gamification of IT Security to advance your most vital InfoSec skills. To build your skills and keep them from getting rusty, you need an environment where you can apply your knowledge to solving real-world infosec issues to stay sharp. That's what NetWars Continuous is all about. Over the course of 4 months and 5 levels, you can master real-world tactics and techniques in a safe learning environment.

  • Allows participants an opportunity to advance their hands-on technical skills. Players learn the areas where they need to increase their proficiency so they may improve, come back, and continue the challenge.
  • Gives participants four months of access to NetWars Continuous. At the end of the four months, participants will receive a written assessment of the skills which they demonstrated during NetWars.

For more detailed information on NetWars Continuous please visit

*Program Qualification

This is an exclusive program. Current eligible constituencies include state, provincial, local, territorial, and tribal government organizations, state and local law enforcement agencies, and related non-profit organizations in the US and Canada. To meet the particular needs of these constituencies, SANS Institute has partnered with the Center for Internet Security (CIS) to offer discounted rates, on specific products, through an aggregate purchase program.

Sole Source Statement

"SANS training and GIAC certifications are sole source products, manufactured, sold, and distributed exclusively by Escal Institute of Advanced Technologies, Inc. (dba SANS Institute, hereafter known as SANS). SANS products must be purchased directly from SANS ( There are no agents or dealers authorized to represent this product, other than select program specific third party agreements to meet a specific end customer procurement requirement, such as CIS."

No Reselling Disclaimer

SANS products, training and services, including GIAC certification, cannot be resold without explicit and written approval from an official at SANS Institute.