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SANS CyberStart

SANS CyberStart

SANS CyberStart is a unique and innovative suite of tools and games designed to introduce children and young adults to the field of cyber security.

Welcome to CyberStart

Today we are facing a significant shortage of trained, skilled cyber security professionals, due in part to the fact that not enough young people are taking an interest in IT and computer security.

SANS has responded to this challenge by developing CyberStart; an exciting project aimed at changing the face of cyber security for today's young people, presenting it as an engaging and accessible employment option, whilst also helping government organisations to develop their national cyber security capabilities.

Cyber security is rapidly becoming a top global priority. It is crucial that governments and businesses have access to a pool of skilled cyber security professionals in order to keep themselves, their employees and their clients safe.

What CyberStart Offers

The CyberStart package is flexible and adaptable to organisations' individual needs and requirements, whether they are looking to raise awareness of cyber security or inspire the next generation of cyber security experts.

Among the elements that SANS offers are:

SANS has applied gamification principles and game-design techniques in developing CyberStart. The challenges are accessible to those without any pre-existing cyber security knowledge and can span various age, difficulty and skill levels, depending on requirements.

The challenges provide context of the day-to-day activities of the modern cyber security professional through engaging narratives, tackling everything from Linux to cryptography and programming to forensics.

Find Out More

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SANS' dedicated team will work with you to meet your requirements and ensure that you get the most out of the CyberStart programme.

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