Module 3: System Administration

This module is intended to provide learners with the tools they need to perform common administrative functions in some of the most popular scripting environments. The module will examine PHP and PERL in the context of an Apache webserver, and then it will examine using GNU BASH and Microsoft Powershell scripting from the command line to complete everyday administrative functions.

Bash Scripting

Bash - Scripting Introduction & Linux Review

Bash - Variables & Parameters

Bash - Flow Control

Bash - Parsing & Searching

Bash - Practical Uses & Conclusion


PowerShell - Introduction to PowerShell

PowerShell - Cmdlets

PowerShell - Scripting, Variables and Syntax

PowerShell - Flow Control

PowerShell - Practical Uses & Conclusion


Python - Introduction

Python - Operators and Flow Control

Python - Scripts

Python - Modules and Introspection

Python - Practical Uses

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