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Community SANS

Community SANS offers our most popular security courses in a small classroom setting in your own community - most courses have fewer than 25 students. The course material is delivered over a six-day period, just like it is at a larger SANS event, by instructors trained by SANS very best authors and instructors.

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Groups: Have a small or large group and want to know how you can bring SANS live training to your community?

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NEW - Community SANS Multi-Week events.

In 2016, SANS launched an exciting new delivery format. We offer the same live instruction you want, but delivered one or two days per week in your local community. This is your chance to sip from the SANS firehose and meets the needs of those who can't travel, prefer a slower pace of instruction with time in between sessions to review materials and labs and also still want the experience of a SANS instructor and interaction with peers in the classroom. Check out our schedule of events for "Multi-Week" and contact if you would like to learn more about bringing this new format to your local area or organization.

How will you benefit from live, local training with Community SANS?

  • Value: Reduced travel time and costs by choosing the region you train in.
  • Live Training With Hands-On Bootcamp: Same courseware as SANS conferences, with Bootcamp hours to reinforce learning.
  • Your Instructor: SANS Instructors are real world practitioners and have been trained by top SANS Faculty Fellows.
  • Certification: GIAC certification holders are recognized as experts in the IT industry and are sought after globally by government, military and industry to protect the cyber environment.
  • Networking: You will get to know your InfoSec peers and can collaborate long after the training.
  • Online tools: Access to free resources, audio files and reduced OnDemand bundle pricing.
  • Smaller class sizes: You get more one-on-one time with your instructor so you can master course material.


Featured Community Instructor

Mark Elliott has served as an information security professional since 1999 and an information technology professional since taking his first class in computer programming in 1988. He is a retired Army Warrant Officer, having served over 34 years in the Army and the Army National Guard. He has conducted numerous red-team and blue-team assessments and is currently the lead security engineer on a government contract. See Mark's teaching schedule by clicking the Learn More button below.

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Hosted Venue Program

Host a Community SANS event and your organization will receive many benefits including no travel costs! Bring SANS training to your location! Become a Community SANS Hosted Venue today. Hosting is simple and helps you make the most of your training budget!

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Group Training

Got a group within your own organization? Community SANS offers many flexible options for your groups ranging in size from 3 to 30. Your organization can host or we can utilize a nearby location. In some cases your group may be able to host your own private class with 15 or more students. If you have less than 15 we open the remaining seats to others in your local community which also serves to enrich the networking opportunities so many SANS attendees value at our live training events.


SANS Instructors

If you hold a GIAC certification and qualify for the SANS Instructor Development program, you may want to consider leading a session within your own organization through our @Work program or taking other steps towards joining the ranks of SANS Certified Instructor.

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