You came with that plan? You’re braver than I thought!

How often do you practice or exercise your major cyber incident plans?

How often do involve your execs?

Most people when asked said they'd love to cyber exercise more but don't know how. The problem with major incident response plans is that they are largely untested. The SOC and IR team may work together to test some aspects but for most organisations, the inherited critical incident plans are largely untested and, more importantly, so are the people. In this webcast we will look at how to start running some fun IR incidents that you can scale super easily. We'll look at how you optimise inter-team relations and start to significantly reduce your response and decisive reaction times.

Learning Objectives:

  • Learn how to develop Fun Tabletop Exercises
  • Learn how to easily set low cost up quick technical artefacts for exercises
  • Understand who else can get involved for key incident experience
  • See how to develop a 6-month exercise plan to mature selected team aspects

The content of this webcast supports materials and concepts from LDR553: Cyber Incident Management.