Top Security Trends and Lessons Learned from 2023

  • Wednesday, 06 Mar 2024 1:00PM EST (06 Mar 2024 18:00 UTC)
  • Speaker: Dave Shackleford

What a difference a year can make! Looking back on 2023, we saw some stunning trends and incidents in the realm of cybersecurity that got us all talking. In this webcast (with an associated white paper), SANS Senior Instructor Dave Shackleford will examine:

  • The most significant cybersecurity incidents in 2023, and lessons learned from them
  • What’s happening in the realm of machine learning and AI, both good and bad
  • New security technology trends worth noting, and how they can help us improve overall

We’ve all lived through 2023, so register for this webcast now to take a look back at what we learned—and where to go next!