Urgent Webcast: Russian Cyber Attack Escalation in Ukraine - What You Need To Know!

Every organization is at risk from cyber threats from Russia, warned governments and intelligence agencies from around the world. This warning comes in response to the escalation of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, which includes boots-on-the-ground tactics as well as cyber attacks.

Russian cyber operations have targeted Ukraine with destabilization efforts for years, by way of infrastructure attacks, influence operations, website defacement, and attacks on Ukrainian banks and military networks.

All organizations find themselves potential targets for cyber attacks as Russia responds to sanctions imposed on Russia for violating international law. According to the governments and intelligence agencies from around the world, “Russia maintains a range of offensive cyber tools that it could employ against global networks—from low-level denials-of-service to destructive attacks targeting critical infrastructure.”

Given all the fast-moving pieces involved, what exactly is the threat from Russia?

In this urgent webcast, top cybersecurity experts Tim Conway, Kevin Holvoet, Rob Lee, and Jake Williams will give an overview of current Russian Threat Actor capabilities, discuss critical infrastructure attacks on Ukraine, and possible escalation spillover into the other parts of the world. Join us to get the answers to the key questions surrounding this conflict.