Identify, Detect, and Recover from Industrial Cyber-Threats

  • Tuesday, 24 Oct 2023 1:00PM EDT (24 Oct 2023 17:00 UTC)
  • Speaker: Dean Parsons

Industrial control system (ICS) security represents one of the more challenging areas for security professionals. The typical ICS is complex and interconnected. It’s often a legacy system that wasn’t designed with security in mind and, because it’s different from traditional IT assets, it has very different security requirements. And no surprise—such systems are increasingly targeted by sophisticated cyberattackers, including ransomware gangs and nation-state actors.

In this 30-minute First Look webcast, Certified SANS Instructor Dean Parsons and a representative from PAS Hexagon evaluate PAS Cyber Integrity, a new offering from PAS Hexagon designed to harden OT assets against cyber-threats, identify critical endpoint vulnerabilities and risks, enable rapid recovery, and more.

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