2024 Government Security Forum

In today's hostile digital landscape, government agencies face a relentless barrage of cyber threats. Furthermore, agencies face a continuing stream of legislative, executive, and oversight recommendations, constantly keeping teams and technologies on their toes. This SANS Solutions Forum equips public sector cybersecurity teams with the essential knowledge to address these challenges and modern threats head-on.

Join us for in-depth discussions led by industry experts, featuring:

  • Zero Trust Implementation Strategies: Discover how to adopt Zero Trust principles to fortify your agency's defenses and minimize the attack surface for adversaries.
  • Hardening SLED Environments: Learn the latest best practices for safeguarding sensitive data within State, Local, Education, and Defense (SLED) organizations.
  • Navigating Supply Chain Security and CMMC Compliance: Gain insights into securing your software supply chain and achieving compliance with the Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC).
  • Harnessing AI for Advanced Threat Detection: Explore how Artificial Intelligence (AI) can empower your security teams to identify and neutralize threats with greater efficiency and accuracy.

This Solutions Forum will provide public sector cybersecurity teams with the knowledge, solutions, and inspiration they need to build a robust or hone their security posture. Register today, join us on July 25th, and safeguard your agency’s infrastructure and data.

We encourage attendees with government, military, educational, civilian, or US domain email addresses (.gov, .mil, .edu, .civ, .us) to use these when registering. However, please note that all are welcome to register regardless of your email address domain. We look forward to having you join us at the 2024 SANS Government Solutions Forum!

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Event Agenda | 10:00am - 4:15pm ET

Timeline (EDT)Session Details
Welcome & Opening Remarks
Matt Bromiley, Event Chairperson, SANS Institute
Session One |2024 Zero Trust Top Threats
Session Details Coming Soon!
Matt Bromiley, Event Chairperson, SANS Institute

Ismael Valenzuela, Senior Instructor, SANS Institute

Session Two | Advancing Zero Trust Maturity in Hybrid Environments in 2024 Panel
In this roundtable we will explore the practical application of Zero Trust principles, focusing on how government agencies can enhance their cybersecurity posture. This session will provide a thorough discussion on methods to reduce attack surfaces and strengthen defenses using Zero Trust aligned initiatives. Participants will learn from case studies and established strategies to apply these principles effectively within their agencies, aiming to protect critical infrastructure from evolving cyber threats.
SANS Moderator:
Ismael Valenzuela, Senior Instructor, SANS Institute
Fatih Akar, Security Product Manager, VMRay
Frank Briguglio, Federal CTO, SailPoint
Session Three | Everyone is a Target: Steps to Achieve State and Local Compliance
Session Details Coming Soon!
Sean Plankey, Global Leader, Cybersecurity Software, WTW
12:00 PM
12:15 PM
Session Four | Authorization and Identity Management Discussion
Protecting your user identities is no longer a maybe, it's now a must. Adversaries are constantly targeting user accounts, looking for easy entry vectors to gain trust and compromise an organization. Join us for this panel discussion on Authorization and Identity Management, featuring industry experts who will delve into strategies and technologies for securing access control and identity verification. Looking to recent federal government initiatives as inspiration, attendees will gain critical insights into how evolving cyber threats are forcing us to level up identity management and protection.

SANS Moderator:
Matt Bromiley, Event Chairperson, SANS Institute
David McNeely, Chief Technology Officer, Delinea
Session Five | Coming Soon! The Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC) - Do You Know Where to Start?

Are you working for an organization that delivers products or services to the Department of Defense (DoD), or to their primary contractors, or are you just interested in learning more about new career opportunities, then this is the session for you!

Join Melanie Kyle Gingrich, the Interim Executive Director of the Cybersecurity Assessor, and Instructor Certification Organization (CAICO) for a comprehensive overview of the DoD CMMC program and what it might mean to you and your organization. 

Learn about the mission of the CMMC programs, the roles and responsibilities of the various ecosystem members, how you could utilize your cybersecurity technical knowledge and experience to participate in CMMC, where to keep current on resources and timelines for this critical program.

Melanie "Kyle" Gingrich, the Interim Executive Director of the Cybersecurity Assessor, and Instructor Certification Organization
Session Six | Supply Chain Security Panel

Many of the most damaging cybersecurity incidents today involve a supply chain partner. Software supply chains in particular have gotten more complex, and that complexity increases the likelihood of vulnerabilities. As government agencies have improved local security controls, attackers have often found the supply chain to be the most vulnerable point of entry.
Increased publicity around supply chain attacks have led to President Biden’s Executive Orders mandating deadlines for improvements in federal software supply chain security, the release of NIST 800-161 guidance and the issue of final Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC) compliance for contractors and suppliers. With increased risk and increased auditor attention to supply chain security, government agencies need to act to evaluate risks, weed out insecure supply chain partners and mitigate risks that cannot be avoided. This SANS panel will bring together experts in the field of supply chain security and CMMC certification to discuss what first movers have already done to reduce supply chain risk and what the next high priority steps need to be.

SANS Moderator:
John Pescatore, Director of Emerging Trends, SANS Institute
Mike Loefflad, Senior Director - Federal Systems Engineering, SentinelOne

Conor Sherman, Chief Information Officer, Updater

Session Seven | Harnessing AI for Advanced Threat Detection Panel

Session Details Coming Soon!

SANS Moderator:
Josh Lemon, Principal Instructor, SANS Institute

Ron Bushar,Managing Director of Mandiant Solutions , Google Public Sector
Jamie Moles, Senior Technical Marketing Manager, ExtraHop

Keynote: Session Eight | Use of AI in Cyber Defense Panel

SANS Moderator:

Sounil Yu, Co-Founder and Chief AI Safety Officer, Knostic

Vijay Bolina, CISO, Head of Cybersecurity Research, Google Deepmind
Jason Clinton,
CISO, Anthropic
Matt Knight, Head of Security, OpenAI
4:00PMClosing Remarks
Matt Bromiley, Event Chairperson, SANS Institute