Vijay Bolina

Vijay Bolina is the Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) and Head of Cybersecurity Research at Google DeepMind where he is building an unique and specialized research and engineering team to address emerging risks in safety, abuse, security and privacy for next generation artificial intelligence systems. He is also responsible for leading a portfolio of research across the organization that is focused on solving root-node problems in cybersecurity that will be on the critical path for safe and secure general purpose AI systems. 

More About Vijay


Before Google DeepMind, Vijay was in senior leadership roles at a multinational organization leading security, compliance, production infrastructure, and corporate IT teams that operated and protected the products and services of one the largest global prepaid and gift card transaction networks. Before his roles in executive leadership, Vijay led teams at Mandiant responding to data breaches, and led large-scale engineering teams at Booz Allen Hamilton that built systems to protect mission critical systems against sophisticated attackers targeting the US Government and Military.

Vijay holds a BS and MS in Computer Science and executive education in Corporate Governance and Risk Management. He is an active advisor to builders and investors in the space of enterprise software and cybersecurity and its intersection with AI.