Melanie Gingrich

Kyle Gingrich leads the creation and build-out of training and certification programs to enable the CMMC framework. The programs are focused on ensuring availability of validated, skilled assessors and assessment instructors in the CMMC ecosystem, who can certify that DIB companies meet necessary cybersecurity requirements.

Ms. Gingrich is a highly resourceful product executive with 20+ years of experience in delivering impactful results for bridging the gap between employers and individuals, through training and certification initiatives or by delivering innovating technology solutions. Prior to joining the Cyber AB, Ms. Gingrich was Senior Director of Products at leading global employment service provider Monster Worldwide, where she was responsible for the strategic vision, planning and delivery of Monster’s $90M portfolio of employer search products. Her tenure at Monster also included responsibility for the strategic vision and creation of software products and services for State and Local government agencies.

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Prior to Monster, she served as Vice President Product, IT and Certification Content and Delivery Technology for top eLearning training solutions provider Skillsoft, where she was responsible for the overall strategy, marketing and delivery of Skillsoft’s $100M IT content and solutions portfolio. She also previously served as Vice President of Learning Innovation at CYPHERPATH, a provider of cybersecurity training and technology solutions. Earlier in her career, she was Senior Director of Products and Services for global trade association CompTIA, where she was responsible for the creation and maintenance of all of CompTIA’s international certification programs and the creation of the CompTIA continuing education program.

Ms. Gingrich holds a Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Human Resource and Organizational Management from Loyola University, and is Pragmatic Marketing Certified – Level II. She also serves as Chair of the Academic Advisory Council for the Cyber AB.