Demystifying Data: Hands-on Data Conversion Between Binary, Hexadecimal, Decimal, and ASCII

Series Title: The Secret Life of Devices: A Series of Workshops on Digital Forensics Fundamentals

This hands-on series cracks the code on digital evidence. Designed for beginners, you'll unlock the secrets hidden within devices, from understanding data storage to interpreting timestamps. Learn to extract critical evidence, navigate forensic images, and convert between data formats. Whether you're in law enforcement, IT security, or simply curious about the digital world, this series empowers you to become a digital detective.

Part 1 of 6

Want to speak the language of computers? In digital forensics, we deal with binary data, but we need to understand how to interpret it to make sense of it. This hands-on workshop dives into both manual and tool-based conversion of data between binary, hexadecimal, decimal, and ASCII. Through interactive exercises, you'll master the basics, uncover how data is stored, and practice with real-world examples. 

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Part 2: Beyond File Names: Decoding the Secrets of Files with Signatures & Metadata

Part 3: Data Carving: Recovering Hidden Files from Digital Graveyards

Part 4: Decoding Time: Understanding Endianness and Timestamp Formats

Part 5: Hands-on Digital Forensics: Exploring Evidence with Mounted Images

Part 6: Demystifying Base64: A Detailed Beginner's Guide to Encoding and Decoding