Hands On Workshop: Cyber42: Transformational Leader

  • Thursday, 11 Jan 2024 10:00AM EST (11 Jan 2024 15:00 UTC)
  • Speaker: Kevin Garvey

Practice your skills in an engaging, team-based environment to improve your cyber security executive decision making proficiency. Cyber42 is a realistic leadership simulation with applicable and discussion-based outcomes. Leave with a confidence boast in a key skill senior leaders seek from their CISOs: nimble decision making.

With enterprises in need of protecting against an endless and increasing onslaught of information security threats, technology management skills alone are no longer sufficient. Today it is about technology, business strategy, and people. Cybersecurity leaders need to be up to speed on information security issues from a technical standpoint, understand how to implement security planning into the broader business objectives, and be able to build a longer

lasting security and risk-based culture. Adjusting employees' and leadership's way of thinking about security in order to prioritize and act to prevent today's most common cybersecurity attacks requires organizational change that affects the foundational culture of the organization.

Cyber42 is a leadership simulation game that puts you in the driver's seat of making tough executive calls on behalf a fictitious organization that needs your expertise. Each outcome will be followed by thoughtfully crafted group discussion. The winning team will be decided by who makes the strongest security cultural impact to the fictitious organization.

Learning Objectives:

You will work through different scenarios, each focusing on different elements needed as an Transformational Cybersecurity Leader: Technology, Strategy, Culture. Walk away after the even having advanced the following:

  • Identify various decision making next steps against popular security scenarios
  • Strategically balancing competing priorities for successful outcomes
  • Rapid data synthesis and analysis for informed decision-making
  • Risk-free decision-making in a simulated environment for optimal business outcomes
  • Building valuable connections with peers in a dynamic and enjoyable setting


  • A laptop with a current, modern web-browser and administrative rights
  • A SANS ranges.io account is required to participate

The content from this webcast supports concepts from the following SANS courses:

LDR512: Security Leadership Essentials for Managers

LDR514: Security Strategic Planning, Policy, and Leadership

LDR521: Security Culture for Leader