Community Night - SANS Offensive Operations Australia

6:00 pm - 7:00 pm

Presentation by SANS Certified Instructor Taz Wake

Modern Incident Response

A lot of the traditional techniques we use for incident response, and digital forensics, are too slow when dealing with the challenges of scale and time in a modern intrusion. During this talk, I will highlight the main issues incident responders face and use a recent case study to explain how they impact response actions and can make or break a case. We will then finish with a look at solutions and ways to improve.

7:15 pm - 8:15 pm

Presentation by SANS Certified Instructor Brandon McCrillis

How to Assess Security Controls Like a Nation-state Hacker

Proactive vulnerability management should be a goal of every target in the cross hairs of a motivated adversary. Proper validation of security investment ahead of a security incident can mean sink or swim in the midst of a business impacting event. Join Brandon, a former US Cyber Command offensive team lead and SANS Certified Instructor, as he provides practical ways to target and assess any target for unnecessary risk. The smallest cracks in the perimeter could be leveraged for total compromise and maximum destructive impact. Executive and technical audiences, along with red teamers, auditors, and cyber defenders, will all benefit from this high energy talk of how to develop targets like a motivated Nation-state Hacker to drive actionable results.