Continuous Attack Surface Discovery and Penetration Testing with BreachLock

  • Wednesday, 10 Jul 2024 1:00PM EDT (10 Jul 2024 17:00 UTC)
  • Speakers: Dave Shackleford, Vishal Verma, Director Professional Services, BreachLock

As the nature of our technology landscape changes more and more frequently, it’s challenging for many security operations teams to keep pace with the current threat surface we have on the internet, as well as the state of vulnerabilities and risks associated with these assets. Many security teams are performing vulnerability and web application scanning in a relatively ad hoc manner, and don’t truly have a continuous view of what exists, what state their assets are in, and what types of security issues could manifest if and when they are attacked. For many security operations teams, it’s time to look at continuous scanning and assessment services that can help to discover assets, report on vulnerabilities and risk posture, and help coordinate and comminute these risks across a diverse group of teams and stakeholders. In this review, SANS looks at BreachLock’s attack surface management and penetration testing as a service offering.


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