Achieving Comprehensive Cloud Data Protection with Zscaler

Security professionals are starting to rethink their approach to access control and monitoring for user activity. Today, many traditional static network segmentation and access controls are not capable of keeping pace with remote workers and cloud access scenarios. Zero trust is a model where data and application behavior are the central focus points of all isolation and segmentation tactics, and all users and assets in an IT operating environment are considered untrusted by default until network traffic and behavior is validated and approved. The concept of zero trust began in its early iteration with segmenting and securing the network across locations and hosting models. Today, though, there’s more integration into end user systems and cloud-based brokering to accomplish zero trust principles.

Zscaler Data Protection is a powerful cloud brokering solution that offers a wide array of security controls and capabilities to help protect end users and corporate data alike, delivering cloud data loss prevention, shadow IT discovery and control, collaboration management, and more.

Join us as we discuss our review of Zscaler’s cloud-delivered data protection platform and how it helps organizations to implement web proxy controls, CASB security capabilities for the cloud, and increased visibility into SaaS security posture, as well.

You can view the associated product review here.