Through his years of experience as a Lead Cyber Security Analyst and SOC Manager for GlaxoSmithKline, John developed real-world, first-hand knowledge of what it takes to defend an organization against advanced cyber-attacks. Today, John specializes in security operations, threat hunting, network security monitoring, SIEM design and optimization, and constructing defensible networks that allow organizations to protect their most sensitive data. John's mission to improve blue teams worldwide led him to partner with SANS to help develop the next generation of defensive talent around the world.

Students in his class can expect John to explain difficult concepts in a clear and relatable language, illustrate important ideas with stories and demonstrations, and encourage students to push themselves beyond the limit of what they thought possible.

John holds a Bachelor's degree in Electrical Engineering from Purdue and a master's degree in Computer Engineering, focusing on information security, from SUNY Binghamton. John also has several certifications including GIAC GMON, GIAC GPEN. In his free time, John enjoys FPV drone racing, coffee roasting, and slowly turning his home into a data center. He can be found on LinkedIn and on Twitter @SecHubb.

Here is a SANS Summit presentation by John Hubbard: