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    Offensive Operations Certifications

    GIAC's offensive operations certifications cover critical domains and highly specialized usages, ensuring professionals are well-versed in essential offensive abilities. GIAC certifications prove that you have the knowledge and skills necessary to work across specialized red, purple, and exploit development teams.


    Stay Sharp: Sep 2021 - Live Online

    Bite-sized SANS training to build real-world skills quickly! Featuring cutting-edge Offensive Operations BETA courses - SEC467: Social Engineering for Security Professionals SEC661: ARM Exploit Development Plus our highly-focused short Offensive Operations training courses - SEC554: Blockchain and Smart Contract Security SEC564: Red Team Exercises and Adversary Emulation SEC580: Metasploit Kung Fu for Enterprise Pen Testing
    Offensive Operations: Slingshot

    Slingshot Linux Distribution

    Ubuntu-based Linux distribution with the MATE Desktop Environment built for use in the SANS Offensive Operations courses and for the community. Designed to be stable, reliable and lean, Slingshot is built with Vagrant and Ansible, and includes many standard pen testing tools.

    Graduate Certificate Program in Pen Testing & Ethical Hacking

    Designed for working InfoSec and IT professionals to learn how to conduct vulnerability scanning and exploitation of various systems, provide documentation and reporting of activities performed, produce estimated risk, and provide actionable results for organizations of all sizes. The certificate includes:

    • Highly technical 13-credit-hour program
    • 4 industry-recognized GIAC certifications
    • SANS's in-depth offensive simulation capstone for real-world testing, Jupiter Rockets

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    About Offensive Operations

    SANS Offensive Operations leverages the vast experience of our esteemed faculty to produce the most thorough, cutting-edge offensive cyber security training content in the world. Our goal is to continually broaden the scope of our offensive-related course offerings to cover every possible attack vector.

    SANS Offensive Operations Curriculum offers courses spanning topics ranging from introductory penetration testing and hardware hacking, all the way to advanced exploit writing and red teaming, as well as specialized training such as purple teaming, wireless or mobile device security, and more.

    GIAC offensive operations certifications cover critical domains and highly specialized usages, ensuring professionals have the knowledge and skills necessary to work in security roles requiring hands-on experience in specific focus areas like, penetration testing, purple teaming, or exploit development. It's important for organizations and practitioners to have a training provider who covers the attack surface of the entire threat landscape, from authors and instructors who are leaders in those respective areas.