Jonathan Reiter

Starting back in 2005, Jonathan got into WiFi exploitation and as the years went by he began exploring other aspects of cyber. In 12 months, Jonathan attained several industry certifications which landed him a job as a Tier 3 network administrator at the DISA. From there he became a member of the CERT at the DLA where he focused on incident response and initial malware analysis. Jonathan later decided that he wanted more, and moved to Maryland to execute offensive operations.

More About Jonathan


As a Senior Master Sergeant (E8) in the Maryland Air National Guard located at Fort Meade, MD, Jonathan serves as a cyber warfare operator. There, under the United States Cyber Command, defense happens in red space. Defending the nation's critical infrastructure and key resources in cyberspace is as challenging as it is vital and Jonathan intends to complete 30 years of service in the US Air Force.

Jonathan also enjoys creating training labs and capture the flag events to motivate learning in a controlled lab environment. Jonathan's full-time job focuses on exploit development and vulnerability research as a Cyber Scientist with the Battelle Memorial Institute. Reverse engineering binaries compiled for multiple architectures gives Jonathan exposure to various assembly languages. Jonathan has created several tools and capabilities over his career with the US Air Force and Battelle.

Jonathan holds the following certifications: CEH, ECSA, CNDA, Security+, GCED, GCIH, GCFA, GPEN, GXPN. Jonathan has attended the following courses: Cyber Warfare Operations, Applied Cyber Operations Training, SEC501, SEC560, SEC660, SEC617, FOR508, FOR526, Assembly for Reverse Engineers, and Basic/Intermediate/Advanced Malware Analysis.