Jonathan Reiter

Jonathan is probably one of the few enlisted members to make it to the rank of Senior Master Sergeant (E8) and be selected for a commission. As part of the Maryland Air National Guard located at Fort Meade, MD, Jonathan serves as a cyberspace capabilities developer. Defending the nation's critical infrastructure and key resources in cyberspace is as challenging as it is vital. Jonathan intends to complete 30 years of service in the US Air Force.

He is also active on YouTube and Discord, occasionally being a guest on the Off By One Security channel to discuss Windows development. Jonathan enjoys spending time writing Windows implants as well as researching the Windows kernel.

Be sure to check out Jonathan's free Intro to C series of SANS Workshops if you need to dust off some old skills or create some new ones.

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Jonathan also enjoys creating training labs and capture the flag events to motivate learning in a controlled lab environment.  He is a firm believer in mentoring others and motivating people to become the best version of themselves.  He is very active with fitness participating in the #RedTeamFit movement on Twitter.  Check it out!

Jonathan holds the following certifications: CEH, ECSA, CNDA, Security+, GCED, GCIH, GCFA, GPEN, GXPN. Jonathan has attended the following courses: Cyber Warfare Operations, Applied Cyber Operations Training, SEC501, SEC560, SEC660, SEC617, FOR508, FOR526, Assembly for Reverse Engineers, and Basic/Intermediate/Advanced Malware Analysis.