Recruit UK Cyber Talent

Interview local, recently trained professionals, GIAC-certified, and actively seeking employment opportunities.

To help fill the skills gap in the United Kingdom, SANS partnered with HM Government to create the Upskill in Cyber Programme, an intensive, accelerated training program that provides world-class training and GIAC certifications to launch careers quickly and effectively in cybersecurity. 

Our latest cohort of circa 300 students is currently being upskilled for entry-level cybersecurity jobs. Our students are selected through a rigorous assessment and undergo a fourteen-week training programme.

Employers are encouraged to partner with us as early as possible to get priority access to newly certified cybersecurity talent – talent which is ready to make a difference in your organisation from day one. To contact us, please email

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Register for more information or a 30-minute webinar to learn more about the Upskill in Cyber 2023 participants and how to connect with them.

SANS Cyber Security Case Study

How our SANS Cyber Academy helped the growth of a Cyber Consultant at e2e-assure.

Streamline your recruitment process

Employers who partner with us get access to recently certified local talent, ready to make a difference to your organization from day 1.

All potential employers are invited to attend exclusive careers events, offering the chance to meet and interact with the students before, and after their graduation. Other benefits include:

  • Candidates are selected based on their aptitude
  • Candidates are GIAC certified

  • Invites to exclusive SANS events

  • Showcase your organisation at career fairs and share active vacancies.

Certifications Included

Global Information Assurance Certification, (GIAC), was created to validate the skills of information security professionals, proving that those certified have the deep skills and technical knowledge necessary for roles ranging from complete entry level through to the most advanced technical subject areas. GIAC certifications are globally recognised, industry leading standards, measuring specific skill and knowledge areas. Graduates from the academy will undertake the following two courses and associated certifications:
  • This course provides exactly what students need to go from zero technical and security knowledge to a level of sufficient theoretical understanding and applied practical skills that enables them to speak the same language as industry professionals. Students will then undertake the GFACT certification exam. Students will develop fundamental skills and knowledge in key IT subject areas, including:

    • Computer Components & Concepts

    • Operating Systems, Containers, & Virtualization

    • Linux

    • Networking Fundamentals

    • The Web: Search Engine & Servers

    • Practical Programming in Python & C

    • Windows Foundations

    • Encryption

    • Advanced Computer Hardware

    • Introduction to Basic Security Concepts

    • Introduction to Forensics

    • Introduction to Reconnaissance, Exploitation, & Privilege Escalation

    • Introduction to Network & Computer Infiltration

    Full course information can be found here

    GIAC Foundational Cybersecurity Technologies (GFACT)

    Once the SEC275 course is complete, the students can then book and take the GFACT certification exam.

    Full certification information can be found here

  • Organisations are going to be targeted, so they must be prepared for eventual compromise. Today more than ever before, timely detection and response is critical. The longer an adversary is present in an environment, the more devastating and damaging the impact becomes. The most important question in information security may well be, “How quickly can we detect, respond, and remediate an adversary?”

    SEC401 will provide the essential information security skills and techniques needed to protect and secure critical information and technology assets, whether on-premises or in the cloud. SEC401 also shows students how to directly apply the concepts learned into a winning defensive strategy, all in the terms of the modern adversary.

    GIAC Security Essentials (GSEC)

    Once the SEC401 course is complete, the students can then book and take the GSEC certification exam.

    Full certification information can be found here

    GIAC certifications are regulated under the ANSI/ISO/IEC 17024 Personnel Certification programme, ensuring international quality requirements.

    GIAC currently has over 90,000 certified professionals globally and has issued more than 173,000 certifications since 1999. GIAC certifications provide the confidence that the candidate can apply specific, technical knowledge of a specific subject area, proving that they possess the skills and expertise needed to complete a specific job, as opposed to simply understanding information security principles.