Empower your workforce to survive the next wave of cyber security threats

The demand for cybersecurity expertise has never been more pressing. Consider this: a staggering 3.4 million cybersecurity experts are needed globally. It's a startling reality underscored by the fact that, on average, organisations take 23 days to recover basic operations after a severe ransomware attack. Public organisations face a shortage of skilled cybersecurity professionals, with 52% reporting it as their greatest challenge. Generative AI and chatbot-facilitated attacks make comprehensive cybersecurity training an urgent requirement.

SANS offers intensive and large-scale cybersecurity training designed to meet our clients' specific needs. Our collaborative approach involves designing tailored programs that cater to the requirements of the organisation or region. The duration of our Cyber Programs ranges from 8 to 12 weeks, depending on the client's needs. Upon completion, our graduates are awarded internationally recognised GIAC certifications that qualify them for security practitioner roles. Additionally, our program design can also include industry introductions and soft skill training.

Program Process


SANS Training & GIAC Certifications

Hands-on training courses to choose from across 10+ cyber security focus areas
GIAC Certifications, the highest standard in cyber security certifications
Training formats to best fit your schedule, budget, and preferred learning style
Years on average as cyber security practitioners before being selected to become SANS Certified Instructors.

Student Testimonials

Client and Employer Testimonials

Our alliance with SANS and Tamkeen has been invaluable. Not only have we onboarded top-tier Bahraini cyber security talent, but we are thrilled to share our journey and insights, further propelling this initiative.
Ahmed Albalooshi
- Advantari
I have been thoroughly impressed with the candidates that we have recruited from the Upskill program - they've demonstrated excellent technical knowledge and a high degree of professionalism.
Lewis Philbey
SOC Manager - e2e-assure
The program was incredibly comprehensive, covering a vast array of topics related to cyber security. I was able to connect with mentors who work in the cyber security field, which was of great interest to me.
Andrea Csuri