Our Mission

To empower current and future cybersecurity practitioners around the world with immediately useful knowledge and capabilities, we deliver industry-leading community programs, resources, training, and events. We invite individuals to take advantage of these programs to further their skills and careers, and organizations to stand with us in these efforts.

Mission. Integrity. Collaboration.

These are the values that guide us in choosing how to best contribute to our global security community.

We collaborate with a broad community of cyber professionals and organizations, partnering with those who share our mission and commitment to creating a diverse, capable, and innovative industry.

We leverage our expertise and our training capabilities to deliver research, career tools, cyber ranges, and many other widely available learning opportunities.


Strengthen Cybersecurity and Champion DEI

Boost your cybersecurity team with talented SANS graduates through unique hiring opportunities. Invest in customized training solutions and support programs that foster new talent while emphasizing diversity, equity, and inclusion. Showcase your organization's commitment to a secure, inclusive, and innovative digital future.

Contact us at mission@sans.org to get involved.

Cybersecurity students studying

Top College Programs for a Strong Cyber Workforce

The nation's top college for cybersecurity, the SANS Technology Institute is strengthening the cyber workforce through hands-on, career-focused degree and certificate programs built on proven SANS courses and industry-recognized GIAC certifications.

  • Designated by the NSA as a Center of Academic Excellence in Cyber Defense
  • Accredited and eligible for most corporate tuition assistance plans
  • Eligible for US and Canadian veterans education benefits
  • Offers academic pricing for SANS courses and GIAC certifications
SANS.edu Income Share Agreement

We're making the best education in cybersecurity more accessible.

The SANS Technology Institute (SANS.edu) launched an income share agreement (ISA) to make its undergraduate programs more accessible to U.S. applicants and permanent residents who demonstrate high potential to succeed. Participants pay little or no tuition until they are employed.

"With attention to quality, SANS creates a virtuous circle of goodness - high quality attendees make the high quality training even more valuable." – Chris Bentley, Discover Financial Services