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SANS is delighted to announce the SANS Cyber Corps program, an innovative training series to help teachers and students alike master the fundamentals of computers and networking technology.

The SANS Cyber Corps curriculum is designed to help prepare you for the Cyber Foundations competitions this Fall.

The SANS Cyber Corps curriculum includes detailed study materials, available for free download. The program also includes training for both students and teachers in the form of three hour-long Internet-based webcasts presented live as well as recorded. Each presentation will cover approximately one-third of the materials of the networking module of Cyber Foundations. These presentations will occur at 6 PM Eastern time on the following dates:

Each session will be recorded so that students can listen at any convenient time.

Currently, SANS is piloting the Cyber Corps program by focusing on the first of three modules in Cyber Foundations, dedicated to networking. Based on lessons learned from this pilot, SANS plans to develop training for Modules 2 and 3 of Cyber Foundations, dedicated to operating system and system administration. These subsequent modules will be released in 2012.

These sessions provide an ideal way for high school students to prepare for the USCC Cyber Foundations Module 1 competition itself, which will occur on Oct 21. For more details about the USCC Cyber Foundations competition, click here.

To listen to any of the SANS Cyber Corps training sessions (either live or on a recorded basis), first register for an account here, and then access the sessions at the links above.

Agreement Terms

These materials are being made available to students and teachers for their individual use in preparing for the US Cyber Challenge 2011 Security Foundations Competition. They may not be copied or reused in whole or in part for any other purposes without prior written consent of the SANS Institute.

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