Excellent theoretical overview combined with in-depth exercises and labs.
Johan Angseus
As our organization moves more and more to the cloud, it's essential for me to understand cloud management and security. I look forward to going back to my office with more confidence and a greater understanding of all things cloud.
Tori Lineberry
Savannah River Nuclear Solutions
This course is equipping me with the information and details I need to strengthen our cloud security policies.
Frank Abt
Cappital Group
The course content really shows how cloud can become a security-enabler within organizations! SEC545 is my Swiss knife for cloud security.
Jeroen Vandeleur
SANS offers the best training & value. This course has been brilliant.
Ashwin Venkat
F5 Networks
I think that the best teachers are those who are able to explain concepts in ways that most, if not all, students can understand, like Shaun McCullough. With respect to some of the jargon that I was exposed to but still not quite familiar with, I walked away from each day of SEC545 with a greater understanding of the technology in addition to simply being a lot more familiar with it (understanding what it is and seeing how it does what it does).
Troy Feast

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