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August 11th & 12th from 1pm - 5pm EST
Free Event Presented by 337 Forensics and The SANS Institute

SANS introduces the first-ever SANS Cyber Camp for Teens. If you're interested in a career in cyber security and you attend high school or junior high, this event is for you!

The camp brings together a group of cyber security experts, discussing the latest topics and trends in IT Security. This free Live Online training event includes:

  • IT Security-Focused Talks - The industry's top practitioners will present a series of short, age-appropriate talks on Coding, Using Technology Responsibly, Ethical Hacking, Digital Forensics, Security Awareness and more!
  • Workshops - These hands-on activities are designed to help you learn in a safe and fun environment and do what the professionals do every day.

Event Details

Virtual Swag Bag

Download the Virtual Swag Bag for Zoom Backgrounds, Wallpapers, Advice for getting into the industry, infographics and the 10 Coolest Careers in Cyber poster!

Swag Bag

Cyber Camp Games

We have created a few fun games to play during the event and will be running a small contest with 2 winners (1. Fasted response with all correct answers & 2. Random winner). To be entered to win, please complete the games (located in below link), then submit your responses to this google form.

Download Games

Entering the Field of Cybersecurity Blog

We also have a blog with advice for teens interested in Cyber Security. Check it out here.

Surprise! We added the Tomahawque CTF

A fun and challenging CTF that spans a few challenge areas and difficulties. Go solo or work with friends and see how many you can solve. You can use Google and other tools as you see fit. These challenges are for learning and your own fun, so go at your own pace and see how many you can get! The event runs continuously until August 13th 23:59 EDT and you can jump in and out as much as you would like.

To Register:
Go to
If you already have an account click Sign In, or create an account by clicking Sign Up
Verify your email, once that's done, click Join Event
Enter the event code new-fork

Info for Challenges

System Requirements to Participate in the Workshops

If you would like to participate in the workshops, there are a few free system downloads that you need to install, and please pay special attention if you are on a MacOS.

Download Sys Req

Visit the Blog for Show Notes

We will be taking notes during each talk and posting important notes from each speaker’s talk. This blog will be updated in real time during the event.

Cyber Camp Blog

Questions or issues during the event

Please use the chat feature in zoom for speaker questions, but for all other event questions please email us at

Why Attend?

  • Learn About the Different Roles in Cybersecurity - The industry's top experts will guide you through different career paths and how to get started.
  • Hands-on Workshops - Learn Programming, Networking, Mobile Forensics and more! These hands-on workshops are designed to help you learn in a safe and fun environment and do what the professionals do every day.
  • Better Protect Yourself and Those Around You - You'll learn how much data you create, what's actually stored on your phone and in your pictures, and how to better protect yourself from the most common crimes.

To participate in Cyber Camp, you must:

  • Be at least 13 years of age; or if under 13 a parent or guardian must register on your behalf
  • You must agree to receive essential camp communication via email. (Please note that your personal information will be kept private and emails will only be sent to communicate camp details.)

For more information regarding our Privacy Policy and the data we collect, please visit

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Who Should Attend?

This will be an incredible event. Don't waste your opportunity to hear from and engage with some of the smartest people in the field. Get ahead of the game in a big way and have fun at the same time.

August 11th - EDT
August 12th - EDT

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