SANS Difference Makers Awards

The SANS Difference Makers Awards shine a light on the cybersecurity practitioners who are leading innovative developments in the industry, who’ve made outstanding security achievements, and who are contributing back to the InfoSec community in ways that deserve recognition.

Each year, a new group of difference makers are selected to receive a SANS Difference Makers Award for their work in security practices and technologies that resulted in meaningful and measurable advances in security.

Learn more about the individuals and organizations who’ve been awarded, and the achievements that made them stand out.

2021 Difference Makers

2020 Difference Makers

2019 DIfference Makers

2018 Difference Makers

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SANS ICS Cybersecurity Difference Makers Awards

The SANS ICS Cybersecurity Difference Makers Awards honor deserving individuals who are making a significant positive difference by increasing awareness of the cybersecurity threats to critical infrastructure and working to mitigate through technical and educational contributions to the community. The award winners share a positive outlook and a belief that ‘Defense is Doable.’

To be considered for these awards, nominees must demonstrate the following:

  • Passion for Progress, Innovation, and Change
  • Teamwork and Collaboration
  • Dignity and Compassion for Others
  • Contributions to the Development of the ICS Community