Tia Hopkins

Tia Hopkins is a seasoned cybersecurity professional committed to building the cybersecurity talent pipeline by promoting diversity through empowerment, education, and mentorship.

More About Tia


Tia is a Cybersecurity Executive who has spent the past 20+ years of her career in various IT and IT Security roles with over a decade of experience in the managed services space. Her work focuses on helping organizations achieve cyber resilience through effective and efficient combinations of people, process, and technology.

In addition to her work at eSentire, she is also an adjunct professor of Cybersecurity at Yeshiva University and is currently pursuing a PhD in Cybersecurity Technology Innovation Management. Her mission is to help drive the growth and success of the cybersecurity industry by researching and addressing current industry challenges and trends, and taking an innovative approach to solving for both current and future concerns.

Part of growing the industry involves attracting and retaining top talent. She is committed to creating a next generation of cybersecurity professionals that is as diverse and inclusive as possible. Our adversaries come from all backgrounds and perspectives, and so should we.

Outside of work Tia enjoys spending time with her family, coaching women’s tackle football, watching Cartoon Network, and eating Apple Jacks.